Monday, November 17, 2014

Where are we going?

"Daddy, I'll help you pack, okay?"
 Now, what is this? Where are we all going? Holiday?
 Missus wish of entering the International Departure Hall and it's Aerotrain finally got granted.
 As for my son, gosh, at 19 months, he's got his OWN International Passport and he's chalking up his frequent flying miles!

So where are we at now?
 Ataturk Havalimani Airport - Istanbul, Turkey!!!
 Well, that was fast! Where are we off to now?
 Look at all those planes!!!
 Istanbul. Must be really crowded down there.
 Now, what's this?
 A happy family picture of finally landing and arriving on terra firma after spending some 15 hours accumulatively to...
 Does this scene look familiar?
Yes, it should as yours truly is baack in Geneva!!!

Hello Geneva... How are you doing? :)

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