Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sydney - Maritime Museum - HMAS Onslow

Berth right next to the destroyer is a Diesel powered Submarine called HMAS Onslow. Like the destroyer, it's open for viewing and a very claustrophobic stroll... :)

1st off, it's description.
And here we are on it's deck.
Minus the rails and the white protective coverings, here is its entrance, into it's depths!
If it weren't for all the lights, this would be a very dim, narrow and probably freaky place to be in - with the lights out! Certainly not for anybody whose claustrophobic!
Do these look like old Arcade consoles to you? :)
Up periscope!
The commode. As one can see, if you're big... but then again, BIG wouldn't be possible in this sub or any other sub for that matter. Size matters, in this case.
Unknown officer's room. Lots of switches in a really small space.
If you thought the HMAS Vampire's shower stall was cramped, you definitely don't wanna use this one!
The light switches. I remember these when I was small, back in my grandfather's house...
The Bulkhead.
The engine. Vroom, vroooooom. What do you need, MORE power!!!
The galley.
Torpedo bay.
These small holes are for emergency air supply. Basically, in case the sub runs into trouble and water comes in, the crew will have hoses that they can connect to these pipes and move along to exit the sub... so they wouldn't drown or suffocate.
6 torpedo tubes
Missus is 1.65m. That's how high you can get, before you find yourself out of space!
And this is how you "dump" your rubbish out of the sub. Or rather, flush it out!
The captain's cabin.
And yes, noise is public enemy #1.
And we're coming out after strolling through its confines from end to end.
Which one do you think is the periscope?
Spartan inscription...

The End.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sydney - Maritime Museum - HMAS Vampire

The Australian Maritime Museum.

If you love ships and submarine, this is the place to be. But EVEN if you detest water and anything to do with water, you STILL MUST visit the ships, more so, the Destroyer and Submarine. Why? You get a sense ...well, of awesomeness, comprehension and compassion for the men and women who had/will live their lives living on these boats.

So 1st stop, the museum. More on that later.
And the Destroyer - HMAS Vampire.
General write up and hey, it had served in Malaya too! That's the old name of Malaysia, before independence of 1957. Of course, these ships are no longer in service and that's why one is allowed to visit aboard.
It's tour of duties...
The back or front(?) of the museum.
Big bad ass guns.
Olden days to heave up the anchors use manpower. These days, well, you've got these. :)
Inside of one of those big bad ass gun turrents.
And no kidding. There are telephones like these. It's really cool to see this as one watches those old war movies, you would see them. I wonder what do they use now to communicate? Wifi headsets?
And to think the satnav that we use nowadays are soooooo small...

"Where to Capt'n?"
"Somewhere out there lah!
So many displays! And you'll see more of it...
Missus comfy? Must be, judging by that smile.
So this is how fast things are...
And it's radar dome.
Mind the gun!
Wanna jump from one side of the ship to the other?
The Captain's quarters.
See... more dials.
And more...
And some more!
Captain's cabin.
1st officers cabin (I think)
The scullery.
Fryer for the officers.
HMAS Vampire's food menu. You should open it up and see what they eat... we spotted some very interesting stuff there!
Officers lounge.
"Come on now, dry that patch"
Big bad ass guns at the back of the ship.
Small torpedo's
This shows the shells in used.
The fuses.
This is what turns and shoots the big bad ass guns at the back. I wouldn't wanna repair this!
Shower stalls.
Upstairs kitchen was for the officers. This one here? For everyone else.
The Infirmary.
And it's plaque.

The End.

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