Monday, January 27, 2014

11 Months, toothbrush, Origami - lanterns, paper fan and orange

With his 2 top front teeth getting more and more pronounced, we decided it was time for him to get used to something that he will have to use every morning and evening.
 What's this Mummy, Daddy?
 What's this pointy thingys???
 Ahhhhhh... I think I'll use it to sooth my gums instead! :)
 High 5!
 Now... what's all these in front of me???
 Let me take a bite.
 Ummmmm... Yummy! Sweet Persimmons!
 And here, we carry on with our Origami Chinese New Year decorations. As mentioned, we wanted something unique and different. And so, with copious amounts of Ang Pow packets left (and some of them can't be used any more for they were meant for previous years), we decided to put them to good use.

Paper lanterns anyone?
 Paper fan...
 A close enough representation of the real deal... I think!
The End.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Origami Chinese New Year Deco's...

And just like that, Christmas is over and now, it's time for us in Malaysia to celebrate another major festival: Chinese or Lunar New Year.

And what makes this even more special is that we will be celebrating it in our new home...

After the euphoria of the simple but effective Christmasy spirit, we decided that we wanted something different when it came to CNY decorations. A different cut if you will...

And so...
 2014 being the year of the horse...
 And a lotus to join in the fun!
 All of this taken from
The End.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Months On... And our Christmas Tree Ornaments

"Hi there. Do you like my Einstein hairdo?"
 Now what can these be?
 Something different and they make great Christmas gifts too!
 2 babies who welcome Christmas in 2013. Getting their Christmas Tree Keepsakes... Needless to say, some frenzy stitching from the missus!
 And what ARE those globes???
 Hint: Lego... Star Wars...
Sorry, we just can't resist. Nobody said we were conventional by any means anyway! :p

The End.

Shark Filled Post!

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