Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ikea's Lillabo; Transportation, Tote Tray Cupboard, Colour Pencils, Paper Clips

What's this? Lillabo and it's from Ikea. A rug/carpet if you will and needless to say, loads of fun for him...
He now has his own 'road'.
Matching the numbers.
Melissa & Doug Wooden Peg Transport Puzzle. He has obviously mastered this in a very short while...

We tried to make it more complex by covering up the imprint/recess, but he figured it our quickly via the shape sizes...
Next up is a small multi container with multiple levels.

Again, he didn't have too much of a problem unscrewing and re-screwing it back on.

So we used a Kallax Divider as his Tote Tray Holder. Every day, or a few days, his activities are changed. He was taught to take and put back and take his replacement activity individually and independantly as well.

Hmmmm... what shall I do next???
I'll do this old Hape Sorter!
As he was old enough and stop biting... colour pencils are now his favourite thing.

Along with capping and uncapping.

So what do you do with them paper clips?

Colour sorting!
The End.

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