Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Floria Putrajaya 2015

So here's something that concluded just recently. If you love flowers, and you're in the vicinity of Putrajaya, then this is where one should be. It's an annual thingy and usually happens around May to coincide with the Malaysian Mid Term School Break.

And as my little one has taken a great delight in flowers (or rather his penchant for plucking flowers that we are growing in our little balcony), we decided he should see more of it.

So here we are... Colourful, yes?

And obviously, someone was overjoyed over the masses of ... flowers.
Hmmm... I know someone named, "Vinca!"

Missus used to grow these... making her very jealous here.

"If only I could pluck them...!!!"

Running off some steam...
Another one of his favourites... giant "windmill" .
Oooooooh. Big Balls to roll around, if you can...not!

Gnome party anyone?
Yes, it's called Floria Putrajaya...
Oh la la... what have we here???
Pretty good I'd say and most probably the most picture taken spot as there was a long queue later in the day. As we were there early, it was quick and fast for us.

Opposite them, was missus favourite flowers - Lilies!!!
And I believe, the 2015 flower theme was Lilies as well. So...
Needless to say, 2 people were trilled to bits on this day.

"How cute are they???"

Now, if we were here at night... looking at this would have been very cool.
"I wanna go there..."
There was a mini maze and some benches to sit on. The maze was actually quite short and I guess it's meant for kids. But as you can see, Mummy and little one had other ideas... :)
Like so.
"How many stones can you count, luv?"

More windmills!!!

Floria isn't just about flowers but also on the side, mini exhibitions 'booths'. And these are quite interesting.
Butterheads anyone?
And Tomatoes? Floria isn't just about flowers but also how to grow/cultivate your own veggies... and so, the Malaysian Agriculture, Research and Development Institute had join in the fray and gave free advise to folks who would like to cultivate their own stuff... and why not?
This spot could have been more scenic... ah well.

Also joining in the exhibitions were schools and colleges displaying their creativity in using everyday items or recycled materials (as they were) and turning them into interesting garden ornaments.

Even Optimus Prime came a-calling...
Yup, that's where we were.
Thankfully, the weather was good or rather quite cloudy. Otherwise, we would have had a very cranky boy to deal with.

Post Event Musings:
a) Obviously it's best to go early. As early as one can to avoid crowds and have a parking headache later on.
b) This was a 9 day event and best to have gone on it's very first weekend. As we were there on it's very last day, some flowers were showing it's 'age' and of course, can't blame it - especially those in the special exhibition tents
c) There was a marketplace and it mainly sold young / cultivated plants / flowers. But what if you wanted seeds? I think you're out of luck as we didn't see any...
d) There were other exhibition tents but we skip those over long queues, etc...

Official site is here:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This is how I'll eat...

My little one decided he wanted to be different when eating his food. So Mummy oblige and gave him... Tongs.

 Obviously, he's one happy toddler after that...
The End.

Shark Filled Post!

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