Friday, December 16, 2016

Ode to my Wife's Fashion Sense

If anything, Missus had planned out meticulously her dressing for our 6 day trip. Especially...

Day 1
Day 2
(I included this as this is my favourite picture of my wife...)
Day 3

Day 4
Day 5
And finally, Day 6
Oh, by the way, the 3 crochet scarfs; they were done by her... care to guess which scarf was partly made in Geneva during my 3 months assignment there? :)

And yes, it's those scarfs that she had so meticulously made or purchased that stands out. Is it worth it? You'll have to ask her. But I'm sure the answer is YES.

The End.

St Mary's Cathedral, Perth

The last place that we visited prior to leaving Perth was this - St Mary's Cathedral. Now, for some days, we have had wanted to visit but as rain, and wind transpired to make us visit other places, we had no choice but to leave it to the very end.
The main front entrance.
 Imagine that you're standing in front of the stones that was used to build and is still part of the cathedral, dating back to 1865...!
 What is interesting is that on most sides, the old traditional design is there. And sticking not so offensively but nicely into it;s design, is this modern glass look.
 Another foundation stone? 2nd phase... that's what happened.

 One last groupie...
 As for the interior, one can see where the new meets the old.

 Our Lady, Please Pray For Us...

 The grand organ. Pity that I've only got to hearing it a handful of times...
 When I came to this section, one feels total sadness. For at here, is a memorial for those that have passed away due to the MH17 downing. You see, many were to continue their journey from Malaysia to Australia for their Christmas holidays...

May their souls rest in peace.
The End.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Western Australia Maritime Museum

Now, what have we here?
Whoaaaa... would you look at that anchor!
Torpedoes... life size in comparison to the front of a submarine...
Want a Submarine? It's just sitting here...

And that's the size of the propellers... Little One, they''ll slice you in half so easily!
The Western Australia Maritime Museum is situated in Fremantle and here, on the docks...

The Entrance that greets you once you get past the reception counter.
And here's the reason WHY we are here...
You didn't think we came all the way here just to see some boats, right? :P
Ladies and Gentlemen: Please meet the Megamouth Shark!

Certainly, Little One went bonkers peering, staring, looking in all manners possible at the preserved shark due to his, yes, love for sharks.
And while he just keep on looking, I went visiting.
Now, living in a land not so far away from Australia, you tend to read about something called the America's Cup - a sailing trophy that was usually dominated by the Yanks.

But that was to change with this yacht. For, for the very first time, they lost. And the Aussies won it...

 And while i gallivanted around the museum, this is what entertained Little One and missus once he got bored of looking at his Megamouth.
One last look from the top...
Moby Dick action anyone? :)
He found his favourite shark soft toy. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it in the museum gift shop, nor anywhere else...
Definitely would have been his favourite toy of all times... :)
The End.

Shark Filled Post!

Little One has been nothing short of bewitched over Sharks. And for 2017, his headmistress had a shark costume for his annual recital then....