Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Coins, Zippers, Embossed Cards, Straws, Alphabet Matching and Kiwi!

This is one activity that Little One just loves doing again and again, repetitively for a considerable amount of time. Future banker perhaps? :)

Basically, it's slotting those coins into his coin box or storing them into a container.

Next up: We wanted him to learn how to use a zipper...

But as usual, he found other uses for it... and it deviated much! :P
Next up was something simple as well. As an adult, one would have accumulated tons of reward cards / old credit cards. And these would have designs and embossed numbers, etc. So the idea was for him to 'feel' that emboss numbers either by hand or under a paper+pencil ...
But as usual, he wasn't interested and deviated again! :P

Again, this was another activity that he would play with for some time: Stringing items into straws. Or playing drums with the straws... or other finding uses with the straws... :)

Trying to teach him which word begins with the alphabet...

And finally, he gets to play with the real deal... Kiwi.

The End.

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