Friday, June 30, 2017

Star Wars Lego Diorama's

Being a Lego fan, and it so happened that yours truly decided to visit Sunway Pyramid with Little One in tow...

What a treat!

Note that all photos were taken by the Huawei Honor 8 with Wide Aperture Mode enabled to provide that bokeh effect.

 Unfortunately, and sadly, yours truly forgot to take the label card for the below. BUT if you're a Star Wars fan, you should know where this one came from...

Some sets offer me so much of photo-'tunistic' or angles.

Like so

Here's an oldie... a scene that you can never forget!

Sadly, as I don't have any zoom lens, this one will just have to be viewed from afar...

Here's another familiar scene...

  And finally...

  Did you know that Sunway Pyramid has a mini playground meant for toddlers and younger kids? It's free and located just outside Parkson entrance on the LG...
Naturally, Little One should get some reward for being patient as Daddy took photos of the Dioramas! :)

So he got to stretch his legs a wee bit.

The End.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

1U Rainforest & Secret Garden and a bonus

Anywhere with fishes is certainly somewhere Little One will love to be at. So naturally, one would eventually have to visit 'Rainforest' @ 1U.

Was he a happy boy?
What do you think?
Later on, we moved on up to the 5th floor and visited the FREE Secret Garden....
While it didn't really get much of his attention, but ...
He still found some pleasure and enjoyment in other forms.

Finally, before heading home, Little One went across the 'suspension' bridge across it's Rainforest.
Bonus: Here's my 4 year old doing his ABC backwards... :)
The End.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Spending time @ Avillion Beach Resort, Port Dickson

We decided to cuti-cuti Malaysia and where did we end up? Avillion Beach Resort, PD!

So what is it? Well, it's chalet style residences as opposed to hotel (i.e. room) stays.
And this is what it looks like. Staying above the Straits of Malacca waters. 
Yours truly bought a selfie stick so that he can finally be in the picture! :P
 Little One couldn't wait to explore the area and the beach... which took us a while to find. And was very eager to don his Shark Hat! Which is a first coz he absolutely deplores it; even though it is his favourite animal.
 But before that, here's our bathroom.
 And... yes, that's what's beyond the wooden rail in the above picture. So, you'll get the sound of the waves as you shower.
 Or use the bath tub. Now, if you DO want some privacy, as the tub and shower is 'open' between each other, there are blinds that you can roll down. Having said that though, missus commented that it doesn't provide 100% privacy... :P

And the wash basin... it's opposite the shower area,
 Our king bed and beyond that, the Pangkin Day Bed.

 And off to the beach we go!

 And so, we're here. Waiting for the sun to set...

 In the meantime, it's time to play @ the beach.
 Missus gave Little One a stick to draw....
 Like So...

 But he ended up having more fun with it than we thought!
 So where's this beach then? Well, one had to walk beyond chalets number 900 series to get to it. It actually shares a part of it with the public beach...

One interesting thing to note: this beach resort is under the flight path of Air Asia flights as they come in to land @ KLIA2...
 Waiting for the sun to set.

 But in the meantime, Little One running loose and wild...
 Leaving his tracks behind for our memories...

 We were worried about the beach. Especially, having heard of the horrors of its unclean beach; especially for PD. But surprise, surprise. It's actually quite clean. Aside from the idiotic resident mentality of trowing the miniature bath / shampoo bottle, which we found, there wasn't anything else to be found in terms of rubbish.

Overall, very happy.

 Avillion have a petting zoo and along as well, some resident birds that roam freely. This one, decided to visit the beach. Unfortunately, it wasn't feeling very proud. So no displays here.

 Still waiting for the sun to set.

 Did he like it? Obviously, from his jumping, the answers, yes.

 Almost there.

 Here we go... setting sun.

 Obviously, my front facing camera brighten things up way too much.

 Can you spot something interesting up there?
 What the chalet looks like at night.
 Oh, by the way, if one choose to shower, you're under the flight path of Air Asia flights...

Now, at the start, it's kinds cool. But as you want to sleep... those frequent flights might annoy you...
 Shot of the Day.
 The next day, we had low tide. And that's what you get if you stayed at those chalets that front the Straits... Next time!
 Little One completely knackered after enjoying himself in the kiddy pool.
The End.

Note: All photos were taken by Huawei Honor 8's dual cameras...

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