Saturday, September 29, 2012

Now what's my missus up to???

Missus is up to something interesting... What can this be?
Golden Rings?
A Butterfly?
Stay Tuned...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sony Nex-F3: Hello there...

Gasp! No way!

(Image take from

Make no mistake. I still love Pentax gear. But well, it's time for me to start using a much smaller SLR in view of what's coming my way in a few months time... So weight is going to be a very BIG consideration! Hence, my decision to head in this direction.

I've already been using this and I must say that I'm very impressed with it's high ISO; i,e, 6400 usability. Where above 1600 was suicide in my K7, the F3 had no problems. But then again, it's already 3 over years in sensor advancement so one can't fault the K7.

So how is it? For someone who's gotten very used to 2 dials to change Aperture's and button's to change ISO easily, etc, the F3 is all menu driven. But having said that, there are 2 buttons which function as other items when different settings are in used... So one just needs to re-learn.

Weight? Let's not go there shall we? I'll miss the bragging rights to Weather Resistance though! The same can be said for almost 95% of SLR's sold anyway.

Ergonomics? It's got a pleasant texturised rubber where your right hand would grip the F3. And with me having big hands, this is great. I certainly hated the C3 and the early versions of the Nex 3 and 5/5N for that matter.

I love the simple articulating screen as it opens up more ways than one in capturing images. Up high or down low...

While it may be small and light, you would still very much hold it like any SLR. Left hand under the barrel. Right hand holding the body. I really don't know why there are some arguments over lens heavy or top heavy, etc. Come on. It's using an APS-C sensor! You can't make it that much smaller!!! Or lighter.
And that's where its biggest advantages lie. The bigger sensor resolves more and thus gives you more...

One thing that I noticed is the colours coming right out in Rawtherapee, the RAW post processing software that i use. Compared to the K7, the F3 seems a bit more muted and so require a little more effort to present it as how I would remember it to be. Heck, that's why one shoots in RAW, right? :)

Overall, I'm finding it to be a very positive and fun change... And so, from here on, photos will be taken by the Sony Nex F3.

P/S- 28th Sept 2012 : I've now used it for 2 occasions, a retirement party in the office and a holiday in Singapore. 3200 is my NEW ISO 800 now. So far, shooting in artificial light isn't as difficult in the F3 then I thought it would be. Sure it's no speed demon like my K7, but hey, I knew there would be some trade offs, right?

IQ is fantastic and sharp. In daylight, the kit lens is beautiful. Just wait until you see my piccies from my SG trip. It'll blow you away... I know I am... :)

5th October - As with most camera's, when using in bright daylight, the LCD becomes rubbish. Literally. But for me to get some viewing, I will tilt the LCD as much as I can but it's a hit and miss... Will I spend USD250 for the EVF? Naaaaaah... I'll pass. I'll just live with this minor inconvenience.

28th October - Found out that on the scroll wheel, you can customise the right press to become ISO shortcut!!! Whoopeeeee. Settings is found under Setup > Customise.
So now, Down press is for Exposure, Left is for Single/Multi, etc; Up is Aperture, Right is ISO and middle button is for mode change i.e. A, P, M, etc... Not, that ain't so bad after all! :)

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