Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Andrew at Week 4

So here we are at Week 4. Wheeeeeee...
Still very serious. But that's coz he's concentrating on that ball held in front of him.
Which he eventually ignored.
And finally he is fixated when it's finally held right in front! :)
So young and already swatting?
Cute, yes?
Look who's more excited?
I'm cute and I know it! :)

What's this?
A cake? For what? Its a cake from Swan Cake House in Tawau, located just beside Millimewa Super Market in downtown Tawau.
Happy Birthday for who???
It's Andrew's Full Moon! That means he's 1 month old!!! Wheeeeeeeeee
A little helping hand there...
Baby and Father having a little Me time together.
Cute shirt. But there's a reason for it...
You see. It's Mummy and Baby's first day out. AND they need to go to the Clinic and get Andrew's first month jabs. And so, Mummy is preparing a little and snugly cocoon to carry dear baby.
Sigh. Even baby knows Oppa Gangnam Style!!! Unbelievable!
The End.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Andrew at Week 3 3/4, getting his bath, gripping and Bepanthen

Wow... Time has flown and yours truly is back with more baby pictures and update of his son's progress in our world!

1st: He's still not done giving you 'the look'...
 Getting his hair done. Obviously, none too happy and he certainly made his displeasure known!
 But after a while...
 Maybe not!
 Hmmmm... maybe there is hope for us that he might be a 'real' water baby???
 Yes dear. We are almost done!

 Gripping already? Oklaaaa. I cheated a bit. Placed the cage into his fingers. But you know what? He held on tight and then flung it!!!
Sadly, Andrew started getting rashes. And we in turn, use Bepanthen from Bayer to treat it. What was terrible and had him screaming in pain, after 12 hours, is all gone. Those red 'biting' like marks and spots have all but disappeared!

It's definitely oilier compared to Pureen's Nappy Cream, as obviously one is a cream and another is an ointment! It's odourless as well. Just... oily. Oh well.

The End.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mdm Loh Swee Hing's 90th Birthday

Not so long ago having attended a 100th birthday celebration, comes this one at 90!

Before we get to the birthday girl, there is always something or someone who can catch your attention.

So in this case, either it's last minute seating headache's or ...
 Whilst this is obvious for some last minute discussions.
 No need to look so glum...
 More last minute discussions
 Thankfully, children are there to entertain this photographer
 But here's another fun thing to do: How many people do you think I'll end up posting here using their phones? :)

 And finally, the Birthday Girl.
 Trying very hard to remember people...
 Okay, time for less talk from me...

 Proud Grandfather.
 No 2.
 WHY is this man taking my photo??? Go away!

 Feeding time.


 No 3 and obviously my aunty figured our what I was doing...
 And it has started.

 More feeding time.

The birthday cake.
 Be careful with that lighter or matches...
  Oooooh... they are so pretty!
 I think...
 I like
 Happy Birthday to you...
 Do want a party like this?
 You do? Drat! So much of ...

 Many helping hands ... and mouth.
 Now, I am very sure this is how to use the camera...
Right. Let me take a photo of ...
Groupie #1
 Groupie #2
 The End.

Shark Filled Post!

Little One has been nothing short of bewitched over Sharks. And for 2017, his headmistress had a shark costume for his annual recital then....