Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chiling Waterfalls

It's located near KKB town. Actually closer towards the dam. And it'll take ya 1 hour or so to get to the main thing. Plus one has to go through 5 rivers before getting to the main thing.

Fortunately, the 1st river crossing's been done up with a bridge. But after that...

So here's crossing #2.
And #3.
Crossing #4
And in between you do know there is quite a lot of trekking to be done, right?
Here is #5.
And finally, #6.
And as I was crossing #6, there is this nice 'fall. But no, this isn't the one... altho I think you can decide to lepak here if the main one is too crowded.
And so here is the main one. The pool's big. And so's the area surrouding it. But it can get crowded so, if one is there early, it shouldn't be a problem. We arrive around noon. And it was just nice. But if earlier, it wouldn't had been better...
The drive to this location is about 1 hour from KL. There are basically 2 ways:
a) via Ulu Yam and KKB; and
b) via NKVE > Rawang and towards KKB.

As usual, Googling Sungai Chiling will get you loads of details.

The End.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai are all located about 10mins boat ride from each other. Of course, if you can't afford to shell out RM400 for a 5 star resort at Kapalai, there is the cheaper option in Mabul. Something like less that 100 will do.

The below was taken of a similiar resort like Kapalai's. Am not sure how much these cost, but the cheaper ones are located on the Island itself or on more ... affordable housing...

The End.


Now, this one is more interesting to me. Reason? I can't swim but at least I can splash around in the water more... and it's more shallow AND the fishies are more abundant kind that swim around up here than having to dive...

Kapalai is basically a sand bank that is sticking out in the ocean. So, some smart people decided to turn it into a resort since there are tons of corals and teeming with sea life as well.

Like Dragon Inn, your waste are channel for proper disposal, so everything is well kept and preserved as how it should be. Or otherwise, it'll be dirty and nobody would come. Obviously!
A walkway to nowhere?
Or you can just sit down and admire the ocean's glory!
See... beautiful. Clean. Fishes. Sand at the far end.

Lots of small fishies...
And corals.
Puffer fish! And no, I don't have a under water proof camera. This is all taken by my K7 from above the sea level.
Picture of the day #1
Picture of the day #2
More fishies...
For someone who can't really enjoy the ocean, because I can't swim, this place was heaven...

Oh yeah, it's a resort so it'll cost ya RM400 (as off 2010) for accommodation, food and boat ride from Semporna.

The End.


An island sticking out in the ocean that is shaped like a mushroom which is teeming with ocean wildlife under it. Most go there to dive.

Sadly, your's truly isn't much of a swimmer BUT at the very least I can say that I HAVE visited the island! :)

But before all that, let's just show you what's along the way... a vast ocean and these are seaweed cages. I don't know whether people actually stay here, but it's really far out into the ocean. Imagine facing the usual tropical thunderstorms... I certainly wouldn't want to be in that wooden house.

After almost 45(?) mins of a boat ride, you reach Sipadan. Crystal clear waters...

Those black balloons signify the end of the shallow depth of the seabed... before I steep drop into the beyond! You can actually wade out to those balloons; about thigh high. Just don't go beyond... unless you're crazy enough! :)

So, it's easy to spot the colour of the water difference...
Really clear right? :)
And the beach...
Now if you're expecting more, then no. It's just an island, deserted at night with no buildings of accomodation or food of any kind. There are changing rooms and washing facilities, but's about it. You basically go there go dive, wash up and buzz off! :)

The End.

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