Sunday, October 24, 2010


Christchurch. One of the many ways to enter NZ besides through Auckland. Some do fly through Wellington though.

Anyway, this would be my 2nd visit to CHC, the last being a 40mins stop at the airport. This time... Yours truly plus wife will be doing a little sight seeing... hopefully.

It's nicely squared out don't you think? :)
CHC's airport.... nicely framed between the 2 airbus's ... :)
It was cold... windy... and rainy. So one didn't get to travel around much.
Did I mention that it was cold... windy... and rainy???
The iconic Tram. On a Sunday, it's deserted... more so that it's cold... windy... and rainy...
Oh, and it was around 5C when we were walking around. The wind made things worse...
The next day, we took a coach to Dunedin, my best buddy's house is there. I wanted to drive, but as the earthquake had caused quite a substantial damage (mainly to CHC's houses) I figured letting someone do the driving would be better! I guess my main concern were roads being closed and the coach driver would know the routes better than a SatNav.

ANYway, there is one positive thing out of this: I can sit back, relax and enjoy the view! Like below... Snow cap mountains in the distance with acre's of farmland from road to ... wherever!
A zoomed up shot. I would had prefered to travel by rail, but this service was discontinued more than 5 years ago, back in 2005...

The coach pass through some local small towns. Oamaru and Timaru are some of them, and these are what the houses look like.

What the coach looks like...
I relaxed right? Yup... a field of gold? :)
While one would spot snow cap mountains as there are very prevalent around CHC, but as you head down towards Otago (where Dunedin is), the scenery changes. James Herriot's books of life in England and it's beautiful valleys, hills, etc would best describe Otago's farmland scenery.

So notice the mountain change in the background.
Next stop. Dunedin...

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