Friday, August 29, 2014

Eating Solids, fun @ the Playground and Bebe Confort Nasal Aspirator

When I'm watching Mickey Mouse, I would like to have my best friend with me...
Hmmmm... What's this? Something different too!
And why is this all... green?! And thin as well? 

In short, Little One's first taste of a Spinach Leaf, which he eventually ate that up.
Ohhhh... Fried Chicken Fillet; cooked in a special sauce from Mummy!
Some time back, we decided that Little One should visit a local playground to perk him up as well as burn some energy off.
Having his first try out of a children's slide...
And wasn't too sure what to do here. Maybe perhaps a little overwhelm by the bars at the side. But under the guiding hands of Mummy dearest, he came out of the other end feeling relieve! :)
Oh wheeeee... A swing!

Lately, it's been blowing hot and cold in KL. Needless to say, it's easy to catch a flu. We aren't too enthusiastic over the Nose Frida as I'm very sure attempting to suck something out of Little One's nose manually, with a very uncooperative toddler isn't the way to go.
Having said that, we decided that something faster would be more preferable. Enter the Bebe Confort Nasal Aspirator.
All you need are 2 AA's, and insert it into your toddlers nose. Press and hold down and let it do it's job.
The above image shows just how much was extracted out from both nostrils. Not a pleasant sight, right?
But it gets the job done.

Cons? Wish it was a bit more ergonomic. It's not altogther the easiest device to hold and keep pressing at the same time. Not to mention trying to be gentle with your toddler with this thing up his/her nose and they are making it sure they don't want it!

So far you only seem to get this from here:

It retails for around RM100.

The End.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Our "Room Of Requirement"

Really? It EXISTS???

Well, obviously, duuuuh. No!
 BUT, calling it Storeroom feels very... boring. So, after a few mins of brainstorming and then realising that the house is actually 'themed' in a certain way. So why not Harry Potter?
It's not just a "Storeroom" but a room for missus to perform her favourite hobby. From Stitching to Sewing, it's all done here and neatly kept within the Ikea Hemnes Bureau

Nice eh?

And yes, there's an Ikea Bjursta pull out expandable table for me too.

So, that's why it's called the ROR.

It's more than just a 'Storeroom'...

The End.

Shark Filled Post!

Little One has been nothing short of bewitched over Sharks. And for 2017, his headmistress had a shark costume for his annual recital then....