Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Possibly the longest set of photos in my blog... EVER!

So here we go... Scenes from in and around the CBD.
The tram stops remind me very much of my time spent in Geneva. Guess everybody does it the same way coz it's the best? :)
One things certain though. Not all stops have times showing when the tram is arriving. Well, you can't beat the Swiss for "clock work precision" right?
The problem with the below shot was that the sun was behind the tall building on the left of the junction, making it really difficult to capture. One of the way out, is a technique called HDR; essentially a minimum of 3 images taken at different exposures and compiled together. Previously, one would have to perform this out of the camera, but nowadays, quite a few SLR's have it built in. So...

Of course, if you have ppl crossing your image taking time... you get... ghosties! :)
On our way in to AU, we stayed at this hotel caled Formule1. The best things is that it's at a very buzy junction, smacked right in the CBD. The bad? Well, like our 2nd stay, it's got an interesting way to go up (as in into the hotel). But I'll discuss that in some other post.
Less yak... more piccies...
Southern Cross Station at the lower right. You'll get to see more of it later.

If you've seen this ad... He will look familiar.
The GPO, which is now a shopping mall. Facade is left untouch. Really good of them to just leave it as it is...
Yes dear. Halloween's just around the corner, but sorry luv... we would have come back by then...
Enjoying them stones...
Old and new, fighting for attention.
The Southern Cross Station. It's big. It's long. And it's in yellow!

Melbourne's historic trams. Feel free to hop in. It's free and it goes in a loop around the CBD.
Wonder what's so holy about this house...

This walkway is below a bunch of tracks that leads to Southern Cross Station.
View from across the river.
"I am taller than you!"

Chopper coming in!
Melbourne has these "rent a bike" stand and they are situated around the CBD. So you could take a bike from here, cycle to another stop with something like this, and park your rental there. It gives a tourist more mobility, that's for sure.
The name of his establishment... it's cute... enlarge the image.
You saw what's inside, this is what's outside of the Aquarium.
Parliament house.
Princess Theatre. And it's Hairspray on show!
Look which birdie came a calling...
Now that's a building one would not see in Malaysia...
Melbourne has these small parks, here and there. And so, it's also got these cute sculptures.
The Windsor Hotel
Parliament at dusk.
Miniature jukebox but it's link to the shops entertainment system. So everybody can listen to what you've selected.
Melbourne from the top as we left to head towards Christchurch. Can you spot the Etihad stadium? You can also spot the mouth of the river Yarra.
It's suburbs.
And we came back from NZ. And it's off to the Royal Arcade!
Enlarge to read why this mall has these 2 statues... and the ring the bell too!

Princess Theater again...

Did I mention that I went for Hairspray? :)

Now, the theater is small. But cute. Not like Malaysia's and Singapore's massive theaters. I sat like 20ft away from the stage, and behind me is just another 4 rows. That's how big it is. But adorable. Why can't it be like this for us? Instead of seeing through bino's!!!
Can you see the reflection?

Melbourne's Casino.

Pity this wasn't open when we were there. Maybe next time.

Reflection #2.

Theme park in St Kilda's. Yes, we took a day pass on the tram and decided to visit St Kilda.
Palais Theatre?
Mcdonald's going green?
The beach at St Kilda's.
To prove that I WAS at St Kilda's.

Would this be where Batman would keep watch? That tower certainly looks like it.. All that's missing is a dark and stormy night with loads of lightning!
Nope. It's not going back to the future...
To prove that I WAS at Melbourne. ha ha
Now... what can this building be???

Scenes from the CBD's shopping streets.

Remember that I said that the GPO was a mall... we took a visit inside. So let's go in, shall we?
GPO obviously was General Post Office. And it WAS Melbourne's main PO for many years.

Relic of the GPO's building frame, now integrated into the shopping mall. Why can't we Malaysians take a leaf from how Melbournians have conserved their heritage? *sigh*

And on that somber note, we reach the end of Melbourne.

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