Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chateu de Chillon

Montreux has one very BIG attraction and it's this. Considered to be Switzerland's most famous castle, visited by millions, so yours truly decided we needed to pay it a visit.

Getting here is easy. Bus stop is right in front and bus frequency is like the rest of Swiss - Clockwork.
And it's huge, ya?

This bridge crossing sets the tone ... how old it is.
Picture of the day?
Imagine driving on that viaduct and what views you'll have...
Ok. So let's go in, shall we?
In the courtyard.

A model replica of the entire castle.
And it's reconstruction efforts ...
Barrels of wine? Really?
Andrew obviously can't wait to taste wine...!
And where does this lead to... beyond?
Now, back in the good ol' days, you don't have a refridgerator. So how do you keep things cool?
Simple. Bottomost portion of your building and since it's sitting on the lake edge... you have these doors bringing in the cool natural air!
Looking back as we continue to walk along...
The castle is made famous by one very particular poem written of a prisoner by Lord Byron.

Let's leave the sad dungeons (which we later found it out to be and go some where more fun...)

Like upstairs... and it's large dining areas...
All you need is Floo Powder!
Click and read...

Andrew thinking it's also his meal time!
And let's go up some more!

Old fashion 'suitcase'... Very insanely heavy...


Right. So this is how you do your 'business'. Basically, there are 2 places. Here's for the more common folk (and freeze your butt off as your poo will just go ... straight down into the lake. Good and bad, which isn't hard to figure out... )
 Another view of the elevated highway.
 A chapel.

 And yes, this is the bathroom for the wealthy...

Last words: I wouldn't quite recommend bringing a baby or toddler around. Reason? This isn't a very 'good' place to be for them ... spiritually. But if one MUST visit the Castle, best to not go beyond the wine barrels as well as skipping the Luggage section. My little one made his unhappiness well known and so we had to cut short our visit...

The End.