Monday, June 27, 2016

Water Sensory Bin, Tissue Box Guitar, Ikea's Duktig Tools, Melissa & Doug's Water WOW and I'm Going To Be Rich!

One of the things Little One really enjoyed on weekends is his sensory bin time. He had had Sand Bin aka Kinetic sand. So, this one has water, 'gemstones' from our leftover wedding favours(!), his marine creatures from his toys collection, and voila. 
Miniature Aquarium!
Trow in a giant syringe, sifter, odds and ends, and you get a wholesome experience! :P
Little One loved music. So here's a Xylophone. As usual, it's been hijacked for other reasons...

Ikea's Duktig Tool's Play Series has this screw, bolts and nuts.

Well, it kept him occupied, but sadly, it didn't last long as well. Or rather, he mastered them quickly.
Now. Who doesn't like $$$

Sort it baby!
For some reasons, he really loved this. Taking /  Stringing the straws into his Duktig Tool's base...

We bought this Melissa & Doug to catch his interest. It get's coloured upon contact with water.
Best part, once it's dried up, the colour goes off and you can reuse it again! Cool.
Give your toddler some boxes. Watch him stack it and then... of course, it no time, he'll experiment the many ways he can tumble them down!
Yes, he's that excited!
Finally, here's his own guitar. Albeit, a silent one!
Enjoyed all the same.
The End.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

State Library, Room Decoration, Pentagrams, Number Matching, Further 'Slinkiness'!

Seeing how Little One love books, we thought we'd take a visit to the Selangor State Library which is located in Shah Alam.
Bonding time.
Almost right smack in the middle of the library is this Giant Tree. And obviously, Little One couldn't resist having some fun.

The books. Quite a wide and good selection, not too shabby which shows in the Panaromic shop below.
 Oh. Did i mentioned that since Little One was so gaga over marine life, we decided to decorate his wall with it. Needless to say, he's over the moon.
And recognises what they are...

Pentagrams - use your imagination to decide how you want to design

But as usual, he had other ideas...
Match the numbers

And finally, we decided on 2 piece jigsaws and see how he would respond.
Turns out, he did quite well.
We also bought him coloured magnet buttons to match to the picture, using a baking tray as the other half for the magnets.
It got him only interested for a while...
Still can't get over the fun of the slinkiness! :)

And as usual, he had other ideas... :P
But at least, he got the gist of it!
The End.

Monday, May 30, 2016

My Little Helper, Eating Peas, Colour Matching, Daiso Slinky, Animals Matching

My Little Helper!
Since he wanted to do what Mummy and Daddy does, so we gave it to him to clean up his own room! :P
Not too bad... :)

Eating Peas...

I got this from Daiso and while it's not as great as the original thing (can't blame for just RM5!), it still does a great job of entertaining him. More so with the colours...

And then he found other ways / uses to increase his fun!

But of course, with this boy, it got to a point thereafter where he got bored and the slink became an entangled mess... Really....
I'm gonna play with my farm animals now...

Match those animals.
The End.