Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Match 2, Sorting Poms Poms, Stringing Spaghetti

With his love for Marine Creatures, we decided to use it to capitalise to our advantage. In this case, Matching; matching 2 pictures of the same thing. For him though, it's learning and playing at the same time... And also mentioning the creature too.

Next up: Putting / Storing pom pom's into the container; in this case, using Missus's jewelry case as a storage box.

He was supposed to match the colour which was marked at the bottom to the appropriate Pom Pom. But... he was just to excited and ignored that instruction... :D

However, credit where due, he did placed all of them ... just not in the right compartments! :P
Next up, he was supposed to string his pasta.
He had more fun trying to:
a) Chew it coz he thought he could eat them; and
b) Rolling them around... ah well.

And finally, this is Version 1.0 of my Little One's Coral Reef...
Yes, he's absolutely trilled to sit in there.

The End.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rubber Bands, Jigsaw Puzzle, Spaghetti Slots

Malaysia, being one of the world's biggest producer of natural rubber, uses or rather distributes 'Rubber Bands' for quite a number of uses.

Naturally, Little One should be allowed to 'test drive it' and see for himself it's many usefulness.
Needless to say, he found it very entertaining.

Along with this Paper Towel Roll barrel...

What's that luv?
Hey, it's a Fish. An Octopus and a Turtle!
And done in such a way, that it's also a jigsaw when put together created by Mummy Dearest.

My boy's love for all things to do with fish has no bounds... While many will want to watch a certain cartoon over and over again, give him documentaries on Fish, and he'll sit down quietly...

So naturally, quite a number of his teaching aids ... follow this interest! :P
Here is an extension of Spaghetti Slots. In this case, he's supposed to slot in those Spaghetti into those holes...
But it's hard to stop him from eating it as he enjoys Spaghetti... more so during his time in Geneva.

And that's my boy fixing up that track...
The End.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Spaghetti Poking, Piggy Bank, Opening and Storing

Hmmmm, what's this?
Oh? Am I supposed to poke this into ... here?
Wow... would you look at that!
Or rather, why don't you just let me play at how's it supposed to be played? :P
Next up: Spoon feeding...or rather scooping up the ball biscuits with the spoon from an ice cube tray. In this case, it's his OXO tray that we used a long time ago to freeze his baby food.
Mmmmmmm... Yummy!
Teaching him to be financially independent!
Actually, it's more for putting in/slotting in coins...

And it's certainly something he loves doing. A lot! Must be all that money going ... ka-ching!
Hmmmm... what am I supposed to do with this?
What's up Mummy, Daddy?
It's got so many compartments!
What should I do??? So many to open and close!
No, he's not praying...
Rather, he's trying to figure out what to do with it!

Right my boy, these are the items Mummy and Daddy want you to learn today...
There's this bunch of small containers that screw one on top of another. He figured them out in no time...

Unzipping caused him a little grief - of which he decided he'll just get Mummy and Daddy to handle it for him! :P

The End.