Friday, August 18, 2017

Avillion @ PD - 2nd Round visit!

Does this look familiar??? It does?
Yup. We are back @ Avillion PD. We loved it so much, that we decided we would love a revisit. So, here we are a second time round!!!
And this time, more prepared to enjoy the facilities along with Little One. And Little One getting more courage to go up the water slide.
This time too, Mummy and and Daddy can join him in his Kiddy pool. :)
Does he look like a Frogfish??? :P

His umpteen time going up!
We also decided to visit the beach (called Riau) located next to the Garden Chalets. Unfortunately, we still preferred the other side, and so made our way there...
Little One gazing away and enjoying his view the next morning
An almost 180 degree panorama shot...
As the tide was low, yours truly decided to venture out...
Whilst Missus and Little One played on the sand.

Missus enjoying herself with the strong sea breeze that we were getting then...
Normally, in normal or high tide, this out rock would be hidden under waters. But when the tide's low...

Family photo!
Sadly, still having no luck with a proud peacock....
Neither with this one...
For lunch, we decided to have it @ Starbucks, PD Waterfront... Here's the view at the car park.
And Little One enjoying himself...
But not happy to go home...
But at least someone's enjoying her Starbucks! :P

The End.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Little One's trip on KL's MRT SBK line

Finally in Malaysia, our very first MRT line is fully completed! While in a previous post, mua had taken a ride, that was only half way completed. Now, the underground section is done, Little One had an outing.

The following pictures are in reverse order.

We visited the Merdeka stop. Unfortunately, in order to see the below, you have to 'tag' out as it's not part of the platform. However, it is in the station itself...

 Not too hard to figure out...
 We also got off at 'Pasar Seni' which integrates with Malaysia's first fully automated LRT system. (Back then it was called Putra LRT, now, KJ line).

Little One posing when he feels like it!
 One of his extremely rare forays into KL...
 Where are we getting off, Daddy?
 Woweeeeee... Look at that?!
 Initially, Little One was apprehensive and sat quietly. Once he got used to the train movements... he became the usual monkey that he is...
 Where are we going, Daddy?

 We parked @ the Eastin aka Section 17 MRT parking complex which has constructed this overhead bridge for people to cross the SPRINT expressway safely.
 And yes, the station is many levels above the expressway that lies below it.
 The handicap access to go up from level 5 parking floor to the station entrance.
 If you decide to park @ the Section 17 MRT car park, make your way to level 5 as it would be the same floor as the station entrance. Any other floor, will require you to use the lift/stairs.

Fantastically, all car parks come with the empty/occupied indicator which is brilliant and saves you time in figuring out where the elusive empty lot will be... :P
 However, as I made my way up/down, I think the ramps are a wee bit tight if you're having a large saloon/4x4. Damage has been made as vehicles had issues with the tight fit... so be careful!

The End.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jungle Gym @ Atria

As during the recent Raya / Eid holidays, and we needing Little One a way to burn off his super high energy, what better way to perform that action that to take him to an indoor playground.

That is huge. 

Sure it costs more than the J-Kids @ Tropicana. But rightfully so, there are more things and options to play with.

This here below is actually meant for toddlers. Hence, the smaller slides and much more accommodating rides.
 But go opposite and after some time, Little One decided to climb up and attempt his first long slide down. And it's a long way down with a long run off...

Parents are allows to sit with their children to slide down (if so required). However, I think Little One preferred it solo! :)
 What is amazing is that high above the slides and all, one can cross from one side of the hall to another side via these obstacle courses. So they literally can move around in one huge playground and come down the other end of the hall!
 Not sure what's with those balls, but Little One kept coming back here and enjoying himself ...
  And not only him but his schoolmate should join him here as well! :P
"Look at me Daddy. I'm reloading the air 'gun'". :)
 Like the massive slide, it took Little One some time to get over this round and covered slide.

 But once he did, he kept going and going and going... Slide goes from 3rd floor, down to ground, and so, he's got a few stairs to climb. But he kept going up and down... non stop!
Was it enjoyable for him. Yes.2 hours passed by quickly. Of course, it gets really crowded during lunchtime or when parties are being held.

A few things to note:

  • You need socks for both child and parent/guardian
  • Literally everywhere is padded / protected with foam / padding
  • There are child minders at the main slides and this is good to ensure and orderly descent for the kids. Also they teach the kids how to slide down properly and to be mindful or others and take their turns

You can find out more about Jungle Gym from here

Friday, June 30, 2017

Star Wars Lego Diorama's

Being a Lego fan, and it so happened that yours truly decided to visit Sunway Pyramid with Little One in tow...

What a treat!

Note that all photos were taken by the Huawei Honor 8 with Wide Aperture Mode enabled to provide that bokeh effect.

 Unfortunately, and sadly, yours truly forgot to take the label card for the below. BUT if you're a Star Wars fan, you should know where this one came from...

Some sets offer me so much of photo-'tunistic' or angles.

Like so

Here's an oldie... a scene that you can never forget!

Sadly, as I don't have any zoom lens, this one will just have to be viewed from afar...

Here's another familiar scene...

  And finally...

  Did you know that Sunway Pyramid has a mini playground meant for toddlers and younger kids? It's free and located just outside Parkson entrance on the LG...
Naturally, Little One should get some reward for being patient as Daddy took photos of the Dioramas! :)

So he got to stretch his legs a wee bit.

The End.

Avillion @ PD - 2nd Round visit!

Does this look familiar??? It does? Yup. We are back @ Avillion PD. We loved it so much, that we decided we would love a revisit. So, he...