Friday, July 4, 2014

A tale of 2 Gates, Sponge Cake and What's Coming Next...

Andrew as we all know, loves cakes that Mummy bakes. In his eyes, she can't do no wrong...
So, here we now have, Sponge Cake!
Yum yum!

 "Let ... Me ... In!!!"
 As Andrew started walking more recently, it was only a matter of time before we had to get Safety Gates to keep him out of locations we don't want him to be in; i.e. Kitchen and Store Room.

And so, not really sure how they are installed, the Store Room was used as my Guinea Pig for installation. We bought Lindam (UK) from our locally frequented baby outlet called, The Baby Outlet (!) in Tropicana Mall.
 These pressure mounting cups extend almost 5-7 cm's on either side of the gate. So one has to take into consideration how much further they can extend as well.
 As you can see, the handle it thick and big. The good thing is that, it's quite hard for a child to open as you need to depress the mechanism (blue parts) before lifting up the handle. For this, a child will require 2 hands. For an adult, one would need the same amount of hands, but you can perform this act single handedly from your left hand (or right)... if you know how...

Advantage? It's almost a 2 handed operation job and it doesn't auto swing shut which can be an advantage in certain conditions.
Disadvantage? If you only have 1 hand free... :) And no auto swing shut when you want it to? Ah well, can't have it all, right?
 The 2nd gate came from another company called DreamBaby, which is Australian based. Now, this gate is easier and very aptly used for our kitchen. Reason? You can use it with single hand, and it auto swings to close.

Cons? The Open switch feels ... loose, but it doesn't feel like it would come off any time. To open, one would have to slide the switch, and LIFT the gate up. Why lift the gate up?
 THAT's why. You have this protruding bit at the bottom of the gate. It pops up when the gate locks in, and when you want to open, as it's 'down', you would thus need to lift the gate up ...
 Either gate can't get you wrong. They have their pros and cons.

Now, what's this? WHAT's missus up to???
 The inside. Nice sewing, eh?
 Oh la la...

Costuming? All to be revealed soon...!

The End.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Star Wars Musical (Disney Parody)

Will there be a Star Wars ride in Disneyland one day...

But as parody's go, this one's funny and as you know, yours truly is into Star Wars...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ikea's Busa Play Tent Review

Recently, we noticed that Andrew started developing this habit of attempting to sit under his Graco High Chair. I guess, children love to pretend they are under... something. Or rather something that resembles a house if you will.

As with most other things in the house, it's got to be collapsible and compact when not in used. So this product from Ikea, called Busa, retailing at RM49 fits our criteria.

And as you will see, he has taken an instant liking to it.
 Think of car window shades that you fold, and you get the picture of this one that expends into a giant box with 3 holes; 2 large ones and 1 small one.
 Because its light (obviously), we placed a quilt blanket to 'weigh' it down as needless to say, Andrew will attempt to rock it and push against its sides.
 Peeking through.
 And crawling through. This product is meant for 18 month toddlers and beyond, and of course, parental supervision is paramount.
 'Wanna come in Daddy Or shall I come out?'
This is what it looks like. When completely folder down, it's the size of a side. Ikea doesn't recommend folding another round like how you would on a window shade. Maybe they are afraid the metal frame might get damaged. In any case, collapsing on itself makes it thin and thus, we can just slip it somewhere.

The 2 large holes are large enough for me to get in and out. And if I sit inside, my head will touch the top. I'm 165cm btw. I must say that this is one of those simple (and cheap!) but very effective toys that children will like.

The End.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

15 Months On...

Andrew has taken a fancy to Mummy dearest Banana Cake. And with banana's coming in fresh from Tawau, it's a recipe for how much one can keep in one's house when only yours truly will consume it is!

Thankfully, we decided earlier to get a microwave that has oven/convection function which thus allows Missus to bake. And so here it is...
"What's this again?"
Never mind. It'll just go into my mouth... like almost everything else! :p
Now .. what is this... on MY feet???
Uuuugh. How do you remove it???
"Oh. That's what it's used for eh?"
"Look at me! I'm walking...albeit with some help..."
Dearest toddler still loves to crawl. You should watch him go! But sadly, it's also time for him to learn how to walk. And so, these shoes are definitely made for walking! :)

The End.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Mummy and Daddy got me a doggie!!!

Well, sort off!
 It's an electro-mechanical dog! :) One that when you pull, sings and makes all kinds of other noises in its repertoire along with ABC buttons to teach and entertain him!
 And take him for walks.
Nice doggie. I just know we're going to be best friends! :)

We got it from ELC @ Curve. It's from the company called Leapfrog and it's called Alphapup
He certainly played non-stop with it for over an hour. In this day and age where toys don't really get to hold their attention long, this one does. So, well spent by Mummy dearest!

The End.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Of Lego Millennium Falcon and Kre-O's Star Trek Enterprise

Yours truly has always wanted one. And thanks to a new Lego online store in Malaysia called MightyUtan, it was! And after many countless nights of building (whilst I keep missus a-company as she did her office work), I built this...
Needless to say, I had made some colour modifications due to the immense amount of extra parts I had collected over the years from various Lego sets... :)

Small ... meet Big! That's how small the Microfigther is!
Oh wow... what's this? Well, yours truly needed to ship some stuff over from the States. Sadly, this is one brick set that wasn't ever to be sold in Malaysia. So, along with other stuff, I shipped this out from the States using an online service called ComsGateway... Along with the Kre-O came a Hot Wheels Enterprise!
Anyway, this is how Kre-O packages its product. Very different from Lego... especially...
Minifigs! They are individually packaged. I must say that I'm neutral on this. One one hand, it makes life so much easier compared to Lego's style. But having grown up with Lego's style...
It would be nice if Kre-O HAD actually labled Part 1, etc on their manual...

But here is the saucer section done up.
And part of the body.
Connecting the 2 parts.
This is what the Port Nacelles look like once completed.
And finally, all completed.
I still haven't made up my mind on whether I wanted to leave the Hot Wheels in its pack or display it!
Having done my first Kre-O brick set, here are some thoughts:
a) 99% of the set fitted perfectly. Until now, I still have problems with a certain part under the saucer section that just doesn't want to 'stay there' permanently. It doesn't really interfere, but its annoying. Keeps popping off!
b) One cool thing in the manual is the product orientation. They actually do a top down as you continually add the parts; so it provides added reference for you... in case you get confused.
c) The parts certainly fit onto Lego pieces. So...
d) Minigfigs have more degree of 'movement' compared to Lego's... but it also makes it a bit harder to stand!

Otherwise, I am happy that I have a piece of SciFi Pop Culture in my home!

Now... am interested in that Delorean time machine... :P

The End.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Post 13 Months...

A while back, when dear Andrew didn't decide to go on Hunger Strikes (presumably due to teething), he was happily trying out Plums!

"Can't a boy enjoy his food without YOU taking my photo Daddy???"
 Sitting like a Mafia Boss... in his new car seat which I recently bought from Anakku. Guess he likes it a lot for him to sit like that. Okay, the leg folding? That was our doing. But, he naturally sat straight and hands (on the side) and legs down... :)

For RM399 (I got it on promotion @ 299), it's actually quite light and nicely padded. Judging by his happiness, it's a good buy. And the best thing? It's a harness which comes attached with a lap belt thus ensuring that while he can remove his shoulder belts, the lap belt will still keep him bolted down. (Thanks Azmel for the tip on this!)

The End.