Friday, April 11, 2014

A user's review of the Moto G 16GB Dual Sim Edition (Malaysia)

Well looky here, what did this bloke received? A very well packed package from
 It's arguably the bestest and cheapest budget branded mobile phone your hard earn dough can get you at a very affordable price... circa 2014!
 My dear ol' Sammy was starting to tell me that it's struggling to keep up with the mountain of messages coming in. Would take seconds to move from one screen to another and so, it was time. It had been good and a worthy companion not to mentioned a gifted present from my MIL... :) (Thanks Mum!)

But a year on, after struggling, I decided to put it out of its misery. So for just over RM700, you get this:
So how is it and what's my impression after almost 2 weeks of usage?
a) Blazingly fast with it's Quad Core. No lags in opening up my WhatsApp messages and humonguos text message inbox, not to mention contacts list.

b) 16GB seems to have filled up really fast... so if you decided to get the 8GB version, either you have absolutely zero or no intention to fill it with piccies, videos, etc or you'll find yourself empty and devoid of that free space!

c) Moto Migrate App - This was a very simple and effective life saver for transferring EVERYTHING (almost 99.5%) of all of my data (videos+piccies) to text messages to contacts. The 0.5%? It missed a few files... Better than doing it manually by myself I'd say! And it even tranferred stuff from my MicroSD card too!
So how does it work? Simple. Download the Moto Migrate App from Google Play Store onto your current phone, power on the Moto, and select migrate from another phone and the settings. Make sure that throughout this whole process both phones are connected via the same Wifi. At one point, a QR code will appear and ask you to take a photo of it through your current phone's camera... and the magic happens after that! Sit back, and watch it transfer...

d) Dual Sim - You can only have one running at 3G and the other will be at 2G. You can colour code and you've got a variety of colours to choose from. So it'll colour code the respective calls and texts accordingly. FYI, both slots uses MicroSim cards. If you're like me, using a dinosaur sim card, I think you can just visit a local phone supplier and they'll probably be happy to trim it for you... through a piece of equipment that resembles a stapler! :P

e) Accompanying this phone in its package was an extra Shell (back cover) and a screen protector. The extra shell as most have found out, is slippery not rubberish textured unlike the Original Black. So...

f) Ditch the screen protector from them and go outside and get another one. Reason? This accompanying one is a fingerprint magnet. If anybody wanted my prints, it'll be so damn easy for them! Just lift the screen protector!!! Sheeeeesh. So barely after 3 days, I got rid of it and changed it...

g) Battery life isn't phenomenal, isn't bad either. You see, on weekends, I go around with 2 Sim cards slotted in as I don't see the need to carry my official phone along... So just the Sim will do. And leaving it with 2 Sims and on 3G, it easily lasted through the day on Standby and surfing...

h) Even though one has disabled the Sim 2 option, the Sim 2 icon still remains in the notification bar thus taking up valuable space... Apparently, one has to perform some magic with it's code (go visit XDA if you're adventurish enough). Me, I've got no time, so, i'll just have to live with it.

i) When needing to switch between inserting/removal of SIM cards, best to disable BOTH Sims and then enable Airplane function. Then safely, eject or insert the SIMs in/out. This will save you the hassle of having to reboot your device.

k) Camera - haven't had really a chance to test it out, but frankly if an iPhone 5S can't really satisfy me, this definitely wouldn't! Reason? I've gotten accustom to SLR images... so don't ask, okay?

k) Screen brightness - Mine is set to something like 8% (on the scale) as I find that even at that level, it's insanely bright!!!

l) Finally, the screen display. Just one word describes it: Gorgeous. 'nuff said. Frankly speaking I'm hard pressed to see the difference between this and my missus's S4 FullHD...

I wished it came out with 4G but that's wishful thinking! Will need to try the OTG option but otherwise, if you're looking for almost top specs but with a budget limit, this is it. Alternatively, Xiaomi's handsets do present a compelling competitor but it's running on MIUI and that's somewhat complicated and different even though it's Android based.

Oh... it's running on 4.4.2 which is the latest in Google's Android OS. How cool is that? Most phones aren't! But since it's been bought over by Lenovo, only time will tell whether it will get future updates as good as it's old removed cousin Nexus...

The End.

Monday, April 7, 2014

13 Months onwards...!

Trying to teach a toddler how to brush his/her teeth is a real challenge. More so, when they have their own ideas on how to use certain things.

So it was with great amusement and excitement when Andrew took to this easily... when compared to the rest that we have bought for him.
 As you can see, he's happily using it without us even having to do anything!
 One end toothbrush...
 The other end? A teether! Oh, it costs around RM10. You can find this @ Anakku.

You can see it here:
 It's been a while but dear baby has been actively chowing down a variety of food.

(Seen here consuming Yoghurt - Milkana Kidz)

From lovingly made home made pancakes and crepes to banana cake (all cooked/baked by dearest Mummy and those baked were with a Sharp Microwave that had an Oven function! Not bad...) and just very recently, Orange!
 Needless to say, quite a lot of work had to be done prior to feeding him just the pulps!
 But, and as it's the most important, he loves it. :)
All eaten...

He's also at this age where his Car Seat has started to be outgrown by him. And so, for extremely short trips, we got him this:
It is by no means 100% replacement for a PROPER car seat, but as we had 2 cars, and moving the seat isn't going to be easy not to mention simple. This contraption instead is hook under the headrest of the seat along with a strap that goes around the car's seat itself. It certainly wouldn't offer much protection but in my mind, better to have him inside on of these than to have him roaming around in the back!

It costs only RM50 and as can be seen, it s a product of Anakku. Obviously, it's a wee bit too big for him...but...

And finally, before I bid adieu...
My son's new style of sleeping... sigh.

The End.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Post 1st Year...

"Hmmmmm... So this is where my pee and poo go???"
 Having his first taste of Pomelo! Can't say it was a real success as you really need to give him those sweet globules. Else...
"Can I be a Sheikh?"
 What's this Mummy has given me to eat???
 Pancakes! Yum yum! Missus decide to make it over one of our weekends...
 "Knock knock! Who's that???"

All these photos were taken with the iPhone 5S. I must say that I miss staring at much better IQ. I guess it's back to my F3 after this! :p

The End.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

As 24th of February of 2013 was a Sunday, the day dear Andrew came into our lives, 2014 means Monday. And it being a Monday, meant some complications for us to enjoy his day with him. So, we decided obviously to have fun with him on the 23rd.

If you've been following, you would know that Andrew, like most babies, had fallen in love with that famous mouse from Disney...
 Missus came up with the below ... 1 year on, and his features (face) has come into his own. Can you spot where he started to differentiate? :)
 It's very obvious he's a fan of the mouse... and this is one thing that really perks him up. Not to mention watching the cartoons.
 Mickey's been here! :)
 In addition to the banner that we found at Toysrus, we also found these balloons which would later entertain him.
 Thank you cake maker Linh!
 Family portrait with his cake.
 And Banner which has him giggling away.
 What's with all this floaty stuff???
 I'll try to catch it.
 If you remember further up on this post, there was an empty spot in his 1 year photo journey. Since Mummy was in there at 6months, Daddy will go up on his 12th.
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it???
 If it looks like a food war zone, it is! We decided on his birthday only, he's allowed to be completely messy and go crazy and indulge himself... or Maybe it was too much!

The tray is just ... minor compared to around him! :p
 And so on 2132H, 24th February 2013, weighing in 3.1KG, Andrew made his grand entrance...

Thank you for lighting up our lives, dear little one. It's been a fantastic 1st year journey with you. Here's to the next one!
With endless Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Mummy + Daddy.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Andrew's first view of a Lion Dance

Dear baby Andrew must be wondering what's going on. And what's will all the colours!
 So here we are at Tropicana City Mall - on the first day of the Lunar New Year.
 On top of that, it's an acrobatic performance as well! What a treat!
"Dum de dummmm..."
"I'll run across these poles..."
 Run, hop, skip, jump!

"Easy Peasy, right?"

 "Oh, did I mention that I can stand like this?"
A very fascinating 20 odd mins performance. :)

The End.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tangerine, Race Car and Pasta

Now, what else has Mummy and Daddy placed in front of me this time???
 Hmmmm. Not that bad this extremely small fruit my Mummy has peeled for me (Tangerine)
 Sweet too!
 This is kinda cozy...
 My racing car!
 Can a guy enjoy his wheels???
 Ooooooh. What's this?
 Pasta? I get to eat what Mummy and Daddy are eating? Yum!
What's next? :)

The End.