Monday, May 16, 2016

Drumming, Stringing Straws (Again), More Shape Colour Matching, Insect/s Matching and Look At How Strong I Am!

If you give a kid some straws, chances are towards the end...
He'll either connect them all...
Or use them as a drum set!

Matching to Books. We had this shape book and we wanted him to match the shape to that in the book.

The same goes with...


He couldn't do this many moons ago. Now he can...
Taller and Stronger...
The End.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ikea's Lillabo; Transportation, Tote Tray Cupboard, Colour Pencils, Paper Clips

What's this? Lillabo and it's from Ikea. A rug/carpet if you will and needless to say, loads of fun for him...
He now has his own 'road'.
Matching the numbers.
Melissa & Doug Wooden Peg Transport Puzzle. He has obviously mastered this in a very short while...

We tried to make it more complex by covering up the imprint/recess, but he figured it our quickly via the shape sizes...
Next up is a small multi container with multiple levels.

Again, he didn't have too much of a problem unscrewing and re-screwing it back on.

So we used a Kallax Divider as his Tote Tray Holder. Every day, or a few days, his activities are changed. He was taught to take and put back and take his replacement activity individually and independantly as well.

Hmmmm... what shall I do next???
I'll do this old Hape Sorter!
As he was old enough and stop biting... colour pencils are now his favourite thing.

Along with capping and uncapping.

So what do you do with them paper clips?

Colour sorting!
The End.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Coins, Zippers, Embossed Cards, Straws, Alphabet Matching and Kiwi!

This is one activity that Little One just loves doing again and again, repetitively for a considerable amount of time. Future banker perhaps? :)

Basically, it's slotting those coins into his coin box or storing them into a container.

Next up: We wanted him to learn how to use a zipper...

But as usual, he found other uses for it... and it deviated much! :P
Next up was something simple as well. As an adult, one would have accumulated tons of reward cards / old credit cards. And these would have designs and embossed numbers, etc. So the idea was for him to 'feel' that emboss numbers either by hand or under a paper+pencil ...
But as usual, he wasn't interested and deviated again! :P

Again, this was another activity that he would play with for some time: Stringing items into straws. Or playing drums with the straws... or other finding uses with the straws... :)

Trying to teach him which word begins with the alphabet...

And finally, he gets to play with the real deal... Kiwi.

The End.