Monday, February 23, 2015


Yours truly has been really busy ever since coming back and settling back to life in KL after some time in GVA. It's certainly time to to get use to ... the more hectic life here in KL. 

Sigh. I miss the super efficient public transport!

Anyway, I'm not done with my Switzerland photo collection ... yet! So where are we off to this time?
 With Andrew, long distance trips are a problem as he doesn't like to sit still... So, around 1 hour is the most he can handle and therefore, Morges fit this criteria very well.

Being a Saturday, there's the morning market that we came across.
 Does this architecture look familiar?

 At the pier which was foggy and cold and so, Andrew didn't enjoy this trip at all...
Most probably the main attraction is this: Military Museum which also used to be a castle. Sadly, it was closed when we went there...
 The below was a very interesting building which we sadly, have no idea what's it's historical significance is as I can't find any reference to it on Google's Maps. Why? Besides the Castle, this has a tower... and most buildings, are just 'plain Jane' ... until you come across this one:
The End.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Neuchatel - Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption

One of the sights that will greet you once you exit the University tunnel is this Basilica just down the road.
It's made of red clay / earth and as such, very distinct in Neuchatel.

The End.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Where are we going in 7 mins?
 Oh my... so FOGGY!!!
 Neuchatel! That's where we are at. Approximately 60mins by direct train from GVA with the only stop being Yverdon before it.
 That's our train ... doing 160KM/H on average... almost looks like a TGV eh?
 The train station is located up on the side of a hill. And so, you either walk down or take this funicular train down. Just beside the train, is a ticket vending machine. Best to purchase a 1 day pass so that it covers this and the buses later on.
 At the bottom exit.

 We came across this eatery as it was coming close to lunch, which we later found out is packed with people coming in for their reservations. It's called Back & Buck, located on the main street close to the University Stop.
 One cool thing over here is this toy and book cupboard. You can use some of these to entertain your children while waiting. Very thoughtful!
 And needless to say, he was happy while waiting!
 The interior. Very unassuming!
 Our food which Andrew also enjoyed tremendously.
 From the eatery, we made our way to the Marche Stop...
 And slowly started to make our way upwards...
 Old and new. Combined. Now, that's the way to retain your heritage!

 Wine cellar?
 More going up!
 There's supposed to be a view... what view? Of Lake Neuchatel. Sadly, Fog decided to roll in and cover quite a lot and so, we didn't have much choice.
 We came for this: Collegiale Church. Up on a hill, overlooking Neuchatel along with the Castle.

 Sadly, we weren't allowed to go in. But wondering around is good enough, considering there is still much to see.

 It's not easy trying to get a groupie... but this was managed. For once!
 Another reason why one would come here, is to see this... remains of a Roman Aqueduct!
 AND it's high too! It comes out from the side of this battlement.

 If you want to be healthy...
 Those house, it's like a valley. You can see where the train tracks are...
 Like so, with the train passing by.
 Letting Mummy and Andrew walk on some ... history.

 What's this? It's a Jail, by the way: Prison Tower harking back to 10th Century.

 Mummy couldn't resist.
 The Marche Street. Like a few other streets, this is only opened to pedestrians and public transport...

 The Post Office.
 Can you find your country?
 A paddle boat that shares it's name...
 Which is shallow where the dock is.
 It would have been better if it wasn't foggy!
 Not too sure WHY they wanted to call themselves this...
 And along the way back to the train station, there is a park.

 Mummy and Daddy had their fun. We now let Andrew have his. And this is one thing really nice in Europe - Toddler parks. As you can see, there's a small swing...
 And a small slide for them.
 Mummy could swing herself here all day...

 Looking back at Bach & Buck, which is just opposite the park @ the University Stop.
 Neuchatel University.
Going home and keeping Andrew entertained.
 The following video was taken from my Sony Xperia Z3...

Mummy and Andrew having a fun time on the hammock.
The End.