Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Annwyn Halloween 2012 - Las Carretas

Been absent for this event for some years now and while we were in Sydney last year, we somehow... missed the party there. Pity that we missed the chance to see how this was celebrated in a more western country.

So here we are at a Mexicano Restaurante! That's the whole menu for you.
There's only one in case you're wondering whether there are 2...
Iguano says 'Hello, can I join the party???'
Cupcakes with crosses and ... blood?
Oh la la...
Does that waitress outfit reminds you of any ... show?
Missus thinking of growing additional fangs perhaps?
I'm just serving here; these 2 are starting to get merry!
Obviously the Sheriff has to drop by...
Sheriff: WHAT are you getting at???
Lots of number plates!
Picturesque shot
Yeah, I drink ONLY Tru Blood. You got a problem with that?
I do. I think I'll have to check on you...
Tru Blood.
Truly, the best Blood in town. :P
Attack of the hands.
Need a hand?
It's yummy!
All ready to eat!
Oh no!!! It's growing from  ...
Dory Fillet Fish. Frankly, I expected more...
Hand it over!
More Cupcakes...
Let's play around the fountain, yes?
I'll leave it to your imagination what the caption can be...
And for winning the hand, I get a bottle of Tru Blood. Cheers!
Altogether now...

The End.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Luv!

Missus recently celebrated her birthday. And since we have sort of become fans of Lavender's cakes, so I got her a Mascarpone Cheese Mango. If you're looking for cakes that aren't too sweet or filled with cream, etc, give Lavender cakes a go!

Visit Lavender. Available in 1U, Midvalley, etc...

 We both took the day off. So, decided to try something different, and ended up in Curve's Paddington House of Pancakes.
 As you can see, they are pancakes with a twist; not your usual pancakes served with Maple syrup only!

Word of caution: It's actually very filling as both of us were struggling to finish our meals!
 And what a surprise! Mini pancakes or Dollar Pancakes as they call it. Cute!
The End.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lego - Desert Skiff

Let's take a break from all that food binging and visiting and celebrate something that missus and I love dearly : LEGO's! :)

SO what's this?
Looked like some alien mouth piece!
Does this scene look familiar? Hint : Sarlacc Pit.
If not, roll back almost 20 years and remember a movie franchise that has 6 parts (up to now) ...
Are they having a Mexican Stand-Off? Or guarding something? Must be some contra bands hidden in the 'box' under Bobba's gun, which is able to open.

Anyway, what's cool is that now, we have Bobba and Lando minifigs. And Luke in Ep 6 livery.
Right, from above, the little plank that Luke stands on, swings out from under the craft (or skiff).
And as you can see below, and from the 3rd pic above, the skiff stands on transparent pieces that forms it's legs. Nice touch there so that it doesn't spoil the 'fun' of it but yet allows it to stand.

Oh, and it's 'wings' are able to 'move' too.
It's simple to construct, and doesn't take too long to put it together. Although, one might say that the Sarlacc Pit is huge compared to the skiff and all! Refer to the top pictures. Neither is the skiff huge. But then again, if it was, say 20% larger, it might have been a little bit more proportionate as it feels cramp to me.

Overall, it brings quite a few memories when constructing this and having a little fun with it!

The End.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Singapore : Sharing some food...

A lot of people say Malaysia has great food. That I agree, not because I am a Malaysian, but generally, we are great for... STREET food aka Hawker food.

But when it comes to variety of foods in a shopping mall, and what I mean by variety is not your usual fare, then Singapore win hands down. For in their shopping malls, one can find this:

The Soup Spoon 
 So what is it? Yummy choices of soup and we top it off with bread+sandwich+free drink.

Base prices start from about SGD10 with our set meal coming in around 15 (I think). Compared to Soup Express, this trumps it...

Now this was interesting. On the 1st day when we were in Plaza Singapura's Kopitiam Foodcourt, we visited the food court. It was only after sitting down and observing that I saw some people carrying this personal steamboat. Needless to say, I wanted it desperately, and 2 days later we were there ... at the same food court! :)

So what is it? Well, as stated, its a personal steamboat going for around SGD6; depending on your choice of soup and items that you want, whether its chicken or plain vegan or pork or seafood. I choose seafood, so that came up to SGD6.99.

The soup is already pre boiled. And they will cook all of it just before they hand the whole thing over to you. So what the flame is there for is just to keep it warm for you. Neat eh?
 What interest me more, was the flame. You see, there's no 'gas'. It uses a gel which the owner gives you. So once the gel burns off, that's it. Simple but effective.
 My MIL snap this on her PnS and bought this for us to try. Taroyaki Balls. Inside, it's filled with a variety of stuffing that you would choose.

And finally, the highlight food for us. Where? Botanic Gardens! Casa Verde.

Why you ask? My pork rack was SGD16. With bread. And Soup. Beat THAT Malaysia!!!
 Missus and MIL had a Beef Burger. Their verdict? 2 thumbs up for the beef.
While we would wish that the prices were lower, but after all that walking in the Botanic Gardens inclusive of the Orchid Garden, it's worth every dollar & cent spent!!!

The End.

Shark Filled Post!

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