Monday, June 27, 2011

Exclusive #2 - A Mask, Wand, what happened to the stick and a teaser...

More exclusive shots.
It's made of PVC leather. It's a very painful process of threading this thing in order to pull that "leather" string through. O the joys of my missus constuming!
A mask? And what's that THING on it??? He he... it's a form of plasticine that hardens once it's been exposed to air. One can paint over it.
So this is a picture of the stick that had it's bark removed. It's been a pleasure removing it, because there was no form of sap whatsoever. It's just plain smoothness. Cool!
What's this? Another stick but...??? A baton? Nope. Here is the next clue for all this exclusive shots. A DIY wand... which has been fashioned out of a cheapo paintbrush. Yep, yours truly bought the cheapest size 12 paintbrush, and removed it's head by twisting it out...

The End. For now...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jee Hong & Jian Lynn Wedding - 12th June 2011

It's certainly been a very busy weekend. The Movie Carnival being one event, and my missus's friends wedding happening on the same weekend. Both events are certainly not to be forgotten, with this one being a marriage of 2 friends (to each other) that she knew when she was back in Sandakan.

Jee Hong and Jian Lynn, congratulations!
 But let's back up a whole lot and start from the beginning, shall we?
 Missus was requested to be one of the bridesmaid for a Chinese wedding. Unlike yours truly, it all begins in the bride's house... So what's with the balloons? You'll find out soon enough! :)
 All the bridesmaids. 2 childhood friends and 4 ex colleagues whom used to work with each other and both in Sandakan hospital, i.e. Hospital Duchess of Kent.
 Well, the missus is of course, now working in here, and so is the bride, but her 3 bridesmaid flew themselves over for the happy occasion. Same with a childhood friend who came all the way from Singapore.
 All trying to decide who is the fairest of them all...
 Getting ready for the arrival of...
 The Groom and his entourage.
 That's a whole lotta cars...
 Accompanying this man. The grinning groom.
 In a Chinese wedding, you usually have a few "wingmen" for the groom, just as bridesmaid for bride. Back in the old days, it was more of a happy occasion and one to be part off! In today's version, yes, you still want to be happy, but happy with loads of challenges will await the groom ... and do I mean a lot!
So the more wingmen you have, the better to undertake your challenges. :P
 With the gate barred and locked...
 The bride's brother or sibling will have to open the groom's car door 1st. But what if he doesn't want to? Definitely some bribing is in order!
 Right men. This one's for me. Are you ready?
 Yes, we are!
 Come on, open up!
No you can't. Get through our 1st challenge!
 Damn these ladies! They drive a hard bargain. Men, this is what you will have to do!
 One bloke grips the banana in his mouth while the other peels...
 Come on, come on. Yeah! I have faith in you men!
 Having gain entrance into the compound, they have a little breather...
 And so does the groom with the bridesmaids.
 Wingmen vs Bridesmaids...
 Next up, guess which is your lover's lips lipstick on this paper.
 What if I fail?
 Then you can't come in. Simple as that!!!
 And bribing me isn't enough!
 Are you kidding me??? I'll show this impudent lassy...
 Rise of the mob!
 Burst the balloons. Faster, my damsel's in distress...
 Burst them all!
 And seal the card with your kiss.
 Ugh. What IS this concoction? It taste like... yeeeeech.
 The aftermath of the balloon fiesta.
 And so, the groom finally, after the banana, lipstick with ice cube test, balloon with dancing and drinking and pleading (some of which yours truly didn't take)
He finally gains access to the bride...
 The lady in red, is not his mom, nor her's either. The chinese believe in words bestowed with auspicious meanings, and that's her job. In chinese, she is called the Tai Kum Cheh.
You need the gift of the gab and be very flowery with your language.
And so, she is hired for the whole day, from the time the groom arrives, right on to dinner later.
 What's up folks? Seen something?
 In paying respect to both our elders and our siblings, you have the Tea Ceremony; whereby, you would serve your elders, and your siblings and unmarried folks will serve you. This will happen for both sides of the family.
 All the bridesmaid with the happy couple.
 Not too sure with the finger pointing...
 All together again...
 The next tradition calls for the Red Umbrella. As the couple head towards their ride, you would have to be shielded. And this is where the umbrella comes in. But red? For chinese, red IS the most auspicious colour there is. Sans gold, which is reserved for royalty of course...

 And all along the way, you have the Tai Kum Cheh spewing out blessings behind you...

 Oh great. Why do I have to sit with them???  I wanna sit somewhere else!

 Missus and Jian Lynn at the wedding dinner reception and the most important question was, "How did you walk with this train and high heels???" :)

And so, with this, we reach the end of the day...

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