Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Terrabot; Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Now that yours truly has a baby and had moved in into his own house of his own, cleaning it of course, is a big chore. More so, when mother and baby are actively shedding hair at this particular point in time; circa 3 months +.

It's a hormonal thing. Nothing much one can do about it. Deal with it! :)

ANYway, so it was decided after some discussion, why not get something robotic to assist in clearing up all those shedded hairs PLUS pick up the tons of dust that seems to coat our floors and whatever horizontal surfaces like crazy! Really... no joke.

After looking through Lazada's website, it was decided on this robotic cleaner from TerraBot. It boasts quite a number of features but I'll break it down as I go through the photos.

So what does it look like? As per below, you will see the device itself and it's connected to the charging station.

The rear is where the dust container sits as is evident from the huge black button that you see.
Now, this cleaner says it does mopping. Sadly, mopping isn't what you and I would normally think; i.e. wet / water mop BUT dry mop. So, it's just a piece of cloth stuck onto a Velcro on the bottom of the cleaner which you can also detach of you don't want to use it.

If you have a 1300sqft unit like us, I think this small little cloth is SO not equipped... Flipped side is that when I finally decided to clean the cloth, I found that the dirt came off easily.
This little black device uses 2 D cell batteries and what it does is to create a barrier, aka no go zone. As there is a 5 cm drop height between the whole house and the kitchen floor. This was placed there in order to prevent the cleaner from going into the kitchen and never coming back out!
The dust container after it was removed and used for the very 1st time. You can see the amount of dust+hair which we did not clean after JUST 4 days... Ugh!
The bottom of the container. More finer dust making it past the 1st part of the container but getting trap behind a filter. Thank God!
Some thoughts:
a) It BANGS into things quite a bit. And so, even a leaning foldable chair can collapse due to the amount of force it knocks with!
b) If you have a foldable chair that is opened, not those with 4 legs, but with 2 metal bars as legs, it'll go over them and get caught in the middle.
c) Which means it'll also go over slippers!
d) Mats needed to be removed.
e) It's got a timer and so we have set ours to work while we are away, i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays @ 0900H.
f) It's quite loud. Manual says around 50+DB's...
g) UV lamp - It says its got one, we did use it, but how does one tell it works? I.e. those bugs are killed?
h) It's cleaning method of a large space is done in concentric circles; i.e. it just keeps going round and round and round but in a wider diameter as it makes it's round after round.

Is it worth it? I guess if you can look past the mop and UV lamp, then yes, looking at the amount of dust it has picked up and the time it would save me from cleaning the house.
And as yours truly likes to walk barefoot, I couldn't be happier... except on the $$$ part.

There are more lower cost versions on Lazada's website. But missing some functions... Will it clean as well? Hard to compare.


Anonymous said...

Hi is it still working well now that it's been over a year? How's the battery like?

kwan said...

Hi. After 1 year, needless to say, the battery is running out pretty fast... Where it used to last for 90mins, now. half of that.

Sensors a bit off though. Bangs more and even though I clean the sensors dutifully, it's somehow not as good as before.

But as my house is really dusty, (it's near NKVE, LDP and SPRINT), i suppose that can be expected...

Hope this answers...

BeHappy&SmileAlways said...

Hi do you know where to get the batter for the robot?

Battery type : Ni-MH 14.4V 2200mAh

kwan said...

I have to dig out my receipts which is probably somewhere in the box of this device.

I haven't been around for quite some time, so it's gone completely dead. Will need to charge it up and see how it performs, not to mention re-setting the device up all over again...!

Check back in about 2 weeks? :)


kwan said...

I managed to contact the distributor (!contactus/cgbd)

Am told that the battery will cost around RM200 and it's advised that the robot be sent in for service maintenance at the same time.

Will have to get this done some time soon, I guess...

myPJ Guesthouse said...

hi kwan, just checking. if i put at the upstairs living hall with 4 living rooms, will it skip any rooms? my concern is since they random go without mapping, it will keep cleaning the same room? thx

kwan said...

RE: myPJ Guesthouse
It's certainly not as intelligent as Roomba as I don't think it has a capacity to really map out the floor. You get what you pay for and that's why the Roomba is the industry leader.

Having said that, I have a very large dining/living hall which it does quite well (I don't go around inspecting, so I can't really comment!).

And due to the layout of my unit (perpendicular at a certain corner), it sometimes, does miss my master bedroom...

So in answer, it may and will miss rooms, but in it depends very much also on the layout of your unit...

Hope this helps...

Alpharobot said...

Very cute and useful idea!

I'm grateful to you for sharing this fantastic post. Thank you so much!

Best robotic vacuum cleaner

myD70 said...

You manage to change new battery? How is it

kwan said...

Hi myD70,
Yes. It was sent to the vendor and they resend it back to me thereafter...

Robot Vacuum said...

Terrabot; Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Now that yours truly has a baby and had moved in into his own house of his own, cleaning it of course, is a ...

Anonymous said...

Hi kwan, does the robot effectively pick up long hair?

appreciate the reply. May

kwan said...

Hi May,
I wouldn't exactly know how efficient it is (percentage wise, that is or in comparison to other brands), as if you think about it:
a) there's the side sweeper; and
b) main brush roller

However, all of the robots have almost the same concept. Side sweeper will bring the 'items' closer to the main brush which is then sucked in.

To rephrase your question: Do I FIND a lot of hair in the main compartment? Yes, I do. And this is one of the main reasons why it was bought in the first place. You do, over time, after a few months, have to clean it's rollers, etc as definitely hair will get clogged up there.

FYI, as off last month, Matronz is no longer retailing this Bot. They have moved on to iClebo from Terrabot. Prices, I believe, are more or less the same. I'll be having a write up on it soon as my unit was traded it for the iClebo.


Monika said...

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