Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kadazan Photo Shoot

Just as we had a Pre Wedding Shoot for Wedding, so too did we have a Kadazan style photo shoot.
 Now, where are we off to?
 It's not light by the way. It's heavy and I seem to have a problem of keeping it properly on my head!
 Don't ask. I don't need to tell! I have no idea...

 Lovely, yes?

And yes, this is a real Padi Sawah, Rice Field shot. Muddy. And ... not easy to walk around...
But hey, we touch growing rice! :)

The End.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Photo Shoot!

Along with a holiday, came a photo shoot at one of Malaysia's most historical city, Malacca. It being colonised by the Portugese, Dutch, Japanese and finally British certainly, it's colonisers have left their mark behind. This being POTC, we are mainly interested in 1 thing, and 1 thing only ... a Galleon!

And low behold, there is one... one that you can climb aboard and mess around in it. For RM3 ~ USD1...

 So here we are... all ready to lay siege.
 Already thinking of the high seas luv?
 And Jack just can't stay away...
 Hmmmmph! I'll show him!
 As usual, the scalliwag will be using his charms to...
 "Not so fast Jack! Unless you want to walk the plank..."
 Someone's lonely.
 Still trying to commandeer this ship, are we?

 Never mind. I'll just do what I do best. Go after the ladies...
 Oh my... Is that a proposal? Jack? Really? On the knees?
 Eh? Why the interest in moi's said fingers?
Angelica:  Papa, Jack tried to...
BlackBeard: I don't care! Work this ship!
 Why you brazen hussy. I'll show you what happens when you tried to seduce my daughter.
 Take that Jack!
 Under her father's watchful eyes.
 I guess something's are best done by yourself if you wanted this "pest" removed.
 Now how did they get so chummy suddenly?
 Oh oh... Jack's got an idea.
 But I guess BlackBeard's found out.
 "He got to you, didn't he?"
 The scalliwag. Walk!
 Is this the end of Jack Sparrow? Captain Jack Sparrow?
 I guess not. This scoundrel certainly knows how to talk his way through...
 And even have time to pose!
 Off to the walk for Jack then?
 Missus looking seductive in B & W?
 Oh yeah!
 No matter what, Jack's always got a cheeky smile.
 And this is in colour!
 Obviously Captain Jack's making a run for it...
 And because you're lazy, he's escape!
 What's with the feather's Jack?
 BlackBeard's all ready.
 Come back Jack... Don't leave me!!!
 Is this the Black Pearl?
 How did this get here? Help me...
 One last hurrah?
 Maybe if I lick this, the crabs will come???
 Guess not if missus can be seductive in front of it.
 I will NOT let you have this ship Jack!
 Jack: Can't I just...
 Saying goodbye?
Woman: There are pirates here!
Cyclist: Blardy pirates!
 Romance is in the air.
 I don't think so!
 Papa, why are you fighting me?
 How did you managed to find us...?
 In this lonely neck of beach... with this lonely hut?
 I'm coming angel!
 ha hah!
 Your father's too good. Goodbye luv!
 Oh no you don't Jack...
 Now where's my ship?
 Now where's my ship? #2
 I didn't know BlackBeard was so short? :p
 A la Hindi movie style...
 It'll never work out between us luv...
 And if that's the case...
 What's that?
 By golly...!
 I think it's my drawers!!!
 How did it get here???
 My drawers! My favourite drawers... how I missed you!
 In the end, it's just father and daughter.
And the camera man... :D

p/s - The ship is located in Malacca and is a replica.
p/s2 - Beach shots were taken near Port Dickson.

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