Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Visiting WHO Geneva and the park near UN Palais

Coming to Geneva and not visiting Daddy's just isn't right! So here we are, having a personal tour of WHO or otherwise known as OMS in Geneva.
In the main entrance hall.
Up on the balcony.
After that, we stop by to visit the grounds of Ariana Museum, which houses very expensive expensive ceramic, glassware, etc. Definitely a no go place with Little One!

And then, it's a short walk down to Palais with a nice park.
Let's play peekaboo...
Ring the bell anybody?
The End.

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Any M. said...

Greetings Eric,

In the hope you are doing well, I'm sending you my good wishes for this last month of the year!

I found your photographer profile on Skillpages and I'm in desperate need of one for my friend's Malay wedding this upcoming Saturday (her photographer dropped her last minute) so I was wondering if you take on such projects and if yes, would you be available? Additionally, may I please know your different rates?

Annie Mebaley

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