Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exclusive : Star Trek Cross Stitch and something else...

Now, what can this be...???
Oh wow...
Can you name all of them?

The designs were taken from this website: and missus thereafter stitch them accordingly.

Basing on the designs, missus decided to design Guinan to make it a set of 9. Otherwise, it looks rather incompete, yes?

And hey, what's this? :)
It's my birthday present! :)

The End.

p/s (22022013) - Due to a request, here are the DMC thread numbers... from my missus.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Melbourne - ACMI

We had use Melbourne as a stopover to get to Sydney, back when AirAsia X didn't fly direct. But it's a good stop as we actually like MLB more that SYD! :)

Anyway, just before we left, we had scheduled a few days to wonder around before heading back. And upon getting in, we found out about this Sci Fi exhibition; celebrating all this to do with Sci Fi. Pity we couldn't take any photos of the exhibits... and Star Trek Outfits. Did I mentioned Star Trek? I DID say Star Trek, right? :P
The exhibition was in this place called ACMI - Australian Center for Moving Images. It's a place that celebrates all things to do with ... moving images.

But 1st, creations from wood. Reminds me of those 3D puzzles. But it'll certainly be cool to fix a huge replica...

And what's the pinnacle of moving images? You receiving one of these...
Missus very excited to spot a Moulin Rouge costume!

As you see on those extra features in DVD's and Blu Ray's, drawing boards are here too.
Back then, waaaaaay before you had CGI or even computers, this is how you mad motion.
Hmmmm... even this guy can think of love???
The dawn of ... TV.
And yes, it USED to be in black and white and there was ... WOOD!
Can you spot us? :)

This is Federation Square!

The End.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Marina Bay Sands via Bayfront MRT Station

Having just visited MBS recently due to the musical Wicked, I'd thought to share with all netizens that there is now a MRT stop specifically for MBS. And it's called Bayfront on the Circle Line (Orange colour).

This station sits just below MBS and you would then use Exits C and D to get to the Theaters, Expo's and Shops itself. The difference between the 2? Well, depends on which way you wanna go!

Personally, Exit C brings you closer but if you walk one big round, you'll eventually end up with Exit D on the other end... :)

To get to Bayfront station, one needs to:
a) hop onto the Harbourfront line, head towards Doby Ghaut,
b) get off at Promenade
c) go one platform up and take the train to Marina Bay, BUT
d) get off at Bayfront IF you want to visit MBS.

Will MBS is in Marina Bay, they are 2 different things; one being the resort and the other, well ... a place that has existed for quite a long time...

This Bayfront station was only recently opened, i.e. January 14th 2012. Hence, the absence of information about this new method of getting oneself to MBS, sans walking across the bridge or by Bus or drive...


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Australia - Sights in Sydney!

And this is where our journey had begun on the 24th of October 2011. Arriving at Sydney airport after a stopover in Melbourne from KL. Back then, AirAsia X didn't fly to Sydney... ah well...
Does this bridge look familiar? I wonder which side copied whom...
One thing that we noticed that certainly informs you that you are no longer in Malaysia is the fact that all these historic buildings are still kept in the midst of development. You wonder why can't Malaysia be like this and why we insist on tearing things down... Why can't we just keep the facade, like so?
And in the midst of all that prime land, is a children's park. Something you will NOT see... becoming quite depressive eh? Ok. I'll stop... I promise coz...
Gull: That pram is unattended... I think I shall attempt to offload there...
Dear Aunty Cecilia and Leanne... Thank so very much for all the planning and being our Tour Guide!
Still serving after all these years...
Now, where are we going...???
And why are we sneaking around in dingy places? Actually this dingy or looks like it, is called The Rocks. And it's quite a famous place, but we were just cutting through to get to the other side.
As you can see, while we were there, it was cloudy and gloomy but it can also make some very contrasty shots. And of course, we have the big cruise ship that came a calling...
Big ship. Small ship.
And all along the way as your walk around the harbour, you have these man hole covers grabbing your attention.
And from here on, are sights of Sydney...

Is the Library really on SALE??? The whole building??? No no. It's just the books or rather some of the books.

A very interesting inscription.
Interior of the Library.

Famous authors.
Sydney Hospital with its equally famous Hog... notice how one end is very different in colour...
Behind the main gates.

St Mary's Cathedral.

Pope John Paul's II statue to commemorate his visit.
Main front entrance.
Remember when we were sneaking around in The Rocks at night? So here we are again in bright sunny daylight during it's Saturday morning market.
In tow...
Self explanatory.

The cruise terminal which looks like the back of a cruise ship!
Anzac War Memorial
Can you see the SkyTower's reflection?
Queen Elizabeth's Building or commonly known as QVB, Sydney's famous shopping arcade.

With its equally famous clocks...
Don't forget to look up!

And a parting gift... an Airbus A380... on the November 8th 2011.

The End.

Shark Filled Post!

Little One has been nothing short of bewitched over Sharks. And for 2017, his headmistress had a shark costume for his annual recital then....