Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Little One's Food Adventure and Standing!!!

Crossing into 7 months, dear baby Little One started to get a minor explosion of taste following pure Breast Milk all this while.

And so begins his journey of solids... or rather in Puree form.

We did try to give him some veggie puree'd, but he'll pass for now. We later learn to mix it up with something else, and he didn't have a problem. So in it's purest form, a no go...

As from his facial expression...!
 You always knew that babies will make a mess...
 Certainly enjoying his carrot but LOOK at the mess!!!
 We got this OXO Ice Cube/Puree tray from Babyland. Stores 14 and after frozen, we transfer multiples of them into the Avent storage cups as usually 1 cup will fit 6 or so cubes. This tray comes with a slide lid to cover as you freeze it. Good idea when you think that this would be sharing the space with chicken and other frozen foods...

So 7 cubes of Carrots and 7 cubes of Apple+Pear combo...
 Can you see my Thunder Thighs?
 Taking naturally to the Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup.
 Enjoying his first taste of Red Bean.
 And then contemplating about it...
 Oh...My...Gawd! Yes, at 7 and 1/2, he stood up in his cot!
 So how did he do it?

From this sequence, he has learned to use his cot bars for support and help to haul himself up.
 Then he uses his right leg to give him a 'leg up'...
 Then the left leg goes up to steady himself.

 Hi There... I can SEE you over the bars...EVEN after you've lowered me!
 He he
 From the back view.

 Ewwwwww... what IS this???

It's called Spinach or in local, Bayam. We now mix this with a cube of chicken and his puree'd porridge as his dinner!
 Enjoying his Sweet Potato which he takes as his lunch.
 Did we mentioned that his favourite was Apple+Pear combo? He'll quickly and patiently sit quietly for it... unlike all other food!

Thinking about whether to hate/like Green Bean.
The End.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

7 Months

At 7 months, we started having Andrew watch some cartoons. And his favourite? Mickey Mouse. More specifically Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's colourful, quite entertaining and immersive as well as they sometimes actually ask you to participate too.
And so, we have a very engrossed baby...

Remember I said Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ONLY? We tried others aka classic Mickey Mouse cartoons and he got too scared and terrified. And so, he started whimpering when his favourite character was threatened by a Giant...
Also on his 7th month birthday, we got him a baby chair as we noticed that he had started to be able to sit up and was grabbing for anything that was heading towards his mouth.

In short, he's ready to start on a very interesting journey of ... FOOD.
And so, we got a Graco Baby Chair from Babyland which is collapsible when not in used. Plus the cover is a plasticky and easily cleaned, removable via snap on buttons. And so is the baby tray which is easily cleaned even after we have neglected to wash it after a day!

"I'm very happy with my chair!!!"
"Gimme more, gimme, gimme!!!"
The End.

Monday, October 7, 2013

6 Months On...

Dear baby has been very active and hence, keeping our hands full in protecting him and not to mention entertaining him as well...

"Hi There! Look at me... I'm up on my fours..."
And I'm also attempting to stand... if you'll help me.
What are YOU looking at???
We got a lot of presents courtesy of Cat's Uncle Gordon, Aunty Christine and Cousin Sonia from UK!

And here he is having a book read to him.
One new thing we decided to try with him was Farley's Rusks. It's like a biscuit and well, he certainly likes it a lot. We later found out that it's quite crumbly and of course, since it can be dissolved in water or EBM, probably that explains it's crumblyness!

What's this?
I'll just taste it and see as per my usual SOP.
Hmmmm... its not so bad.
Can't a baby have an enjoyable time with his food without you (dear daddy) taking so many piccies???!
We later found out that there's 2 kinds of Farley's Rusks; the biscuit version as above and the harder version which is like a bread stick. Now that one, has annoyed the living daylights out of my son as no matter how much he had chewed on, it just wouldn't break apart!

So right now, as he's only had one, we can't really comment much... :)

The End.

Shark Filled Post!

Little One has been nothing short of bewitched over Sharks. And for 2017, his headmistress had a shark costume for his annual recital then....