Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yours truly has and always will be a Lego fan... and where there's Lego...
Pity about the Star Wars section. So limited. I could have loan them my collection! :P

ANYway, the reason why I went a calling is because...
Yup. It's huge and big...
And imposing...
To the point even that Santa is contemplating... No Santa... Don't spoil it for the children!

Santa... Look. A big snow man!
And besides the tree, there were exhibits... So, 1st up, troopers, line up!

Wanna play chess?
Lego Chess?
Complete with wizards...

Now you can see how tall it is?
We now moo this meeting official. Bunny, you just hop!
And now, for personal displays...

Can you spot the "extra" in this battle?

Pirates vs Castle...
Ships a-hoy!
Go on now... jump!

The End.

Friday, December 24, 2010

3 months on... Official Wedding Photo of Church Wedding

It will be 3 month, come tomorrow. Fast huh? For those who were unable to make it to the church wedding, here are the photo's, taken from Steven Leong.

Guys: This is what happens to your lady... transformation beginning! :)

 And changing...
 Almost there...
 The final product.
Yours truly getting his corsage...
 All lined up and ready to come in.
 Here we go!
 Melissa (Cat's sister) with Sophie (flower girl) who decided to freeze half way which thereby provided some entertainment. :)
 Us... and yes, it's gonna be all about us from here on!

 Exchange of rings.

 Shot from the back.
 Cheery, Justine. Thanks for signing your life away with us...
 To my 3rd month anniversary! :)
The End.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Food eaten in Melbourne, Christchurch, Te Anau, Gore, etc

A foodie post. Don't go any further if you're hungry or thirsty. You have been warned...

They are in no particular order... 1st up...

Looky here, a GingerBread man came a calling! One thing you'll see recurring in this post. Pies. Loads of them. Yummy. Cheap. What else can I say?
Our dinner @ Te Anau.
Pavlova.. Sinful... Yummy.
Pork Ribs. ANOTHER sinful dish but thankfully, this was taken off my neighbour's table. Imagine all that oil dripping down from the ribs into the fries. Heavenly ... OR hell???
Yes yes. We visited McD's (MEL)... but obviously you gotta eat their local stuff right? :)
Pizza and salad.
This came from our Jetstar flight from MEL to CHC. Cous Cous rice...
My sweetheart excited that the trolley welcomes you to CHC! And of course, we're there! :P
See... more pies.
And sandwiches...
Still more pies...
Ok, something different here...
Even MORE pies...

Now you know why we love pies??? :)
Finally, burgers...
And quite a sinful one as well. Eaten at the University of Otago.
Now... what are we doing here?
Tea break? Yes. In the boat! It's called the Tiakina and it's in Dunedin. So who said you can't enjoy a tea break in a boat?
Oooooooh... Chocolate cake...
And yes, I'm drinking worms... yeah, right! :P

Pork ribs. Sausage. Bacon. Mushrooms. And more... Christchurch. Carlton Hotel.
Are you sick and tired of pies yet?
Food from ANZ whilst travelling to MEL from CHC.
We love the food from this cafe in MEL, that we went back a 2nd time!!!
Fish and Chips... somewhere along the way in GOR
And we decided on a little change of menu... so curry it is in MEL.
Briyani rice.
Doesn't the logo look similiar to ...
Yes, it's Burger King!
And chinese food from a food court in Harbourtown. I'll better remember to skip the sweet and sour pork...
Doesn't look like the Genki Sushi we know of in KL! But hey, very popular.
Ice cream @ St Kilda's.

Our last meal before heading back from MEL. Hot chocolate with marshmellows and brownie. Oh yummy.
And finally, some other random pictures ...

At the Dunedin airport.
Yours truly and my best bud. Thanks for putting us up and letting us use your car... or rather Jules car!
What took a bus almost 5 hours, took a turbo prop 45mins or so... Our ride from DND to CHC.
One thing you notice is that trucks over there in NZ are double trailers... and REALLY courteous. Unlike the road hogs and daredevil drivers of KL!
We're in the States???
No. There is a town called Gore... 

And Clinton!!! And look, we're on the Presidential Highway. How cool is that???
This pop up on my in-flight screen on ANZ (between CHC and MEL). Not something you see everyday BUT if this was to ever happen on the captain's screen...!

Right folks. Here ends ALL of the pictures taken from our 2 week honeymoon that spanned 2 countries, Australia (Melbourne) and New Zealand (ChristChurch, Dunedin, Te Anau).

* Most of the photos taken in this set are from a Panasonic FH20 which belong to the missus *

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