Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dunedin's Farmers Market

My 2nd visit to this interesting place. And glorious food!

Now, this pork ribs were absolutely... heavenly! Juicy. Moist. Yummy. Possibly the best I've had! :)

Steady stream of customers this stall gets.
I took this picture more of the drawing than of the beers.

Now, again, the banner got my eye...

Any one for dip tasting sauces?

Gosh, Nemo's got an express service too!
The market is located next to the Train Station as evident from this shot. It's only there every Saturday. Think Pasar Malam but day time. Small but you can find quite a lot of stuff there.
Next: World's Steepest Street.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Milford Sound

Please read here for Milford Sound. Nothing beats wiki! :)
But before one can get to Milford Sound, one has to undertake a bus journey. And WHAT A RIDE!

Our Bus Driver: Why am I driving these people??? I should be out fishing! :)

The tour that we took from is called RealJourney's. I've used their tours prior to this and found them to be really pleasant bunch of people, even though it's a big touristy company.
Anyway, this is the view from inside of the bus. Glass panels that allow you to see above and really around you. Why can't we have that here in MY?
Oh, and the seats are angled towards the windows.
How cool is THAT?
One of our 1st major stops along the way is called Mirror Lakes.
I'll let the picture do the talking...
Got it yet?
A real perfect mirror!
Imagine walking, cycling or trekking through here towards Milford...
Had enough of seeing double yet???
No? Promised... my last one...
The road to Milford is winding and narrow. Well, not that winding like the Batu Ferringhi one in Penang. You'll be too busy ooooohing and aaaaaahing away! :)

And this little fella decided to pay us a visit! A Kea's come a calling! Nice little parrot?
A small waterfall along the way.
Mountains are getting up close and personal...

At one point, the road enters a tunnel. Now, it's not like our SMART or even the Menora tunnel in Ipoh. This one is pitch dark and almost nil lights and if you're claustrophobic... he he...
I took a video of it. Pictures just can't do justice, but as the file is huge (it was shot in 720p), so I'll not upload it anywhere ... until I get a much more ... powderful line. :P

Once you come out of this tunnel, this view greats you on the other side. A long and narrow meandering road cutting its way through and making it's way down to the valley floor. Don't worry, if you spot the road. On the way back, I took another shot.
That mighty mountain is Mitre...
And we're finally in Milford Sound. Below are one of the many boats that is used...
In case you were more captivated by the piccies than reading, it's basically a fjord... So mountains rise up above the sea, towering high up...

A close up shot or almost a cross section shot of what could these mountains contain. Am told that the darker shade of colour is Iron.
Milford is pretty much almost out in the Tasman Sea. So beyond this is ... the big ocean. Luckily, we aren't heading there! :)
A look back to the mountains.
Hey look. Seals!
Now, being one of the wettest places on earth, gives you waterfalls.
And this one is a mighty and powerful one indeed, for...
Shock and Awe... the power of falling water!
And this shot in relation shows just how high this waterfall is, AND the mountain behind it!

But this picture says it best...

So it's back to terra firma and on to The Chasm.
So what is it? Chasm? Yup.
And the river that feeds it.
Can you see the pot of gold???
Ok, this is the identical shot of the early one, but much clearer... In fact, in hindsight, after visiting Great Ocean Road, I actually enjoy this ride more than GOR!!!
Yes dear, that's snow!!! Many thanks to our dear kind bus driver who decided to stop and let us have some fun.
Right. More mountain shots.

Next stop. Dunedin!

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