Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Little One!!!

As 24th of February of 2013 was a Sunday, the day dear Little One came into our lives, 2014 means Monday. And it being a Monday, meant some complications for us to enjoy his day with him. So, we decided obviously to have fun with him on the 23rd.

If you've been following, you would know that Little One,like most babies, had fallen in love with that famous mouse from Disney...

 It's very obvious he's a fan of the mouse... and this is one thing that really perks him up. Not to mention watching the cartoons.
 Mickey's been here! :)
 In addition to the banner that we found at Toysrus, we also found these balloons which would later entertain him.
 Thank you cake maker Linh!
 Family portrait with his cake.
 And Banner which has him giggling away.
 What's with all this floaty stuff???
 I'll try to catch it.
 If you remember further up on this post, there was an empty spot in his 1 year photo journey. Since Mummy was in there at 6months, Daddy will go up on his 12th.
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it???
 If it looks like a food war zone, it is! We decided on his birthday only, he's allowed to be completely messy and go crazy and indulge himself... or Maybe it was too much!

The tray is just ... minor compared to around him! :p
 And so on 2132H, 24th February 2013, weighing in 3.1KG, Little One made his grand entrance...

Thank you for lighting up our lives, dear little one. It's been a fantastic 1st year journey with you. Here's to the next one!
With endless Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Mummy + Daddy.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Little One's first view of a Lion Dance

Dear baby must be wondering what's going on. And what's will all the colours!
 So here we are at Tropicana City Mall - on the first day of the Lunar New Year.
 On top of that, it's an acrobatic performance as well! What a treat!
"Dum de dummmm..."
"I'll run across these poles..."
 Run, hop, skip, jump!

"Easy Peasy, right?"

 "Oh, did I mention that I can stand like this?"
A very fascinating 20 odd mins performance. :)

The End.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tangerine, Race Car and Pasta

Now, what else has Mummy and Daddy placed in front of me this time???
 Hmmmm. Not that bad this extremely small fruit my Mummy has peeled for me (Tangerine)
 Sweet too!
 This is kinda cozy...
 My racing car!
 Can a guy enjoy his wheels???
 Ooooooh. What's this?
 Pasta? I get to eat what Mummy and Daddy are eating? Yum!
What's next? :)

The End.

Shark Filled Post!

Little One has been nothing short of bewitched over Sharks. And for 2017, his headmistress had a shark costume for his annual recital then....