Thursday, January 26, 2017

Coming Back to KL from Perth

I know it's been many moons since we left Perth, but there are a few items left to share. So here we go.

Where did we stay? As mentioned somewhere else, Seasons of Perth which is located just 5 mins off Murray / Hays Street; making things very convenient for us.
 S'long Miss Maud. Your Carrot Cake and pastries was just sumptious and had my Little One finishing up his plate every time! Incidentally, this branch of Miss Maud is just next to Seasons of Perth and it has it's own Swedish Hotel too! Something interesting...
 On our walk to St Mary's, we came by this... Bird Cage sitting anyone?
 And just next to St Mary's is yes, Royal Perth Hospital or Perth's GH as you would.
 As missus is working in the medical line...
 So we had to have a visit or look see... :P
The Original fire station in Perth CBD...
 One of the cool things for kids is all the attention places give you in the Western world. Where unlike Asia, you're just told to shut up and be seen, here, you get a play area.
 So naturally, Little One was allowed to run around and play to his hearts content.
 As it was an evening flight, sunset from 30,000ft!
 Little One going through his booklet on Marine Creatures.
 We were lucky in that our return flight, it was probably half filled. And so, yours truly decided to camp himself onto the 3 seats ahead of ours... :)

And that's a wrap of our Perth Trip.

The End.

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