Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Visiting WHO Geneva and the park near UN Palais

Coming to Geneva and not visiting Daddy's just isn't right! So here we are, having a personal tour of WHO or otherwise known as OMS in Geneva.
In the main entrance hall.
Up on the balcony.
After that, we stop by to visit the grounds of Ariana Museum, which houses very expensive expensive ceramic, glassware, etc. Definitely a no go place with Little One!

And then, it's a short walk down to Palais with a nice park.
Let's play peekaboo...
Ring the bell anybody?
The End.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hello, Geneva: Please met my family #2!

Being Catholics, church services was a thing to do on either on a Saturday or Sunday. And so, we made our way to this church. Interestingly, I had gone to it's smaller version 5 years ago when I was here for the H1N1 response in WHO.

Now, it's gotten phenomenally bigger and for me, much easier to get to as it's just off the #15 Tram line.
As with any kids, Little One needs his toy to be entertained...

This is new. Nice stain glass...
Praying @ Mother Mary.

4 bells baby!!!
Just under 10mins away is UN Palais, the UN HQ for Europe.
Wheeee... Rainbow!!!
"What's that Mummy???"

Towering above.
Look at that long mural...
Nice to have these tram stops with a similarly raised platform so it makes it easy for parents with strollers and disabled to roll on/off.

As they say, all roads lead to Rome; so too does all buses, trains and trams lead to Gare Cornavin or Cornavin Station...
As Little One love Chuggington, it was obvious that we would have to let him see the real deal...
One of the great things over here, is that you can actually just walk up onto the platforms. Of course, there are train conductors onboard to check your tickets, but this is pleasant for us.
Double Decker TGV...
Unlike Malaysians, bright sunny day means time out in the park and not in shopping malls!
Laze around. Enjoy the sun. Time to catch up with friends and family...
This is a mini ice skating ring we thinks and since it's dry, kids play it in with balls... smaller kids like Little One's age group.
Thankfully, he's happy to just run around within it but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be attempting to pick things up and 'taste' them... sigh.

So that means, chasing after him and ensuring he's not putting stuff into his mouth.
There were some kids who let Little One play with them...
"What are you thinking boy?"
This is something you definitely don't see back home...
I wonder whether it cools the building more?

The End.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello, Geneva: Please met my family #1!

The last time, I came alone. This time...
Little One and Mummy is here too!
With the good weather on the first weekend, it's time to go out and see what this city has to offer!

Swan's and Duck's... They come squaking when you start giving them bread.
Roaming around the promenade.
This old steamer is still around after 5 years. :)

Visiting the famous Fountain.
"Wow... what's that shooting up into the sky, Little One?"
Looky here: It looks like a train!
Back to the Flower Clock!
On Geneva's famous watch streets...
On the way to Rive.
The End.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Where are we going?

"Daddy, I'll help you pack, okay?"
 Now, what is this? Where are we all going? Holiday?
 Missus wish of entering the International Departure Hall and it's Aerotrain finally got granted.
 As for my son, gosh, at 19 months, he's got his OWN International Passport and he's chalking up his frequent flying miles!

So where are we at now?
 Ataturk Havalimani Airport - Istanbul, Turkey!!!
 Well, that was fast! Where are we off to now?
 Look at all those planes!!!
 Istanbul. Must be really crowded down there.
 Now, what's this?
 A happy family picture of finally landing and arriving on terra firma after spending some 15 hours accumulatively to...
 Does this scene look familiar?
Yes, it should as yours truly is baack in Geneva!!!

Hello Geneva... How are you doing? :)

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