Thursday, April 20, 2017

Toobs Comparisons (Wild Republic vs Safari Ltd)

All this while, we have only Toobs from Safari Ltd. Following our visit to KLCC and Little One spotting his favourite animals, needless to say, we now have some similar toobs from Wild Republic's version.

So let's see what's the difference between the two, shall we?
The Packaging...
One extra incentive from Wild Republic is this play board. One can put his/her toobs and perform an imaginary play. Might come in usesful later on or not. In our case, Little One just ignored it...
1st up: Leopard Sharks.
Top is is Wild Republic. Bottom is Safari Ltd's design.

2nd: Whale Sharks.
Top is is Wild Republic. Bottom is Safari Ltd's design.

3rd: Blue Sharks
Top is is Wild Republic. Bottom is Safari Ltd's design.

 4th: Hammerheads
 Top is is Wild Republic. Bottom is Safari Ltd's design.

Finally: Great Whites
Top is is Wild Republic. Bottom is Safari Ltd's design.

I leave it to you to decide on which colour or rendition one would prefer. They both have their pros and cons in terms of replication.

However, I can comment on something that you can't see from the above pictures - the 'feel' of it. Safari's version is more soft rubber type vs Wild Republic's hard plastic. So the texture feels nicer to hold, in my opinion. In some renditions, Wild Republic's version is larger. Other times, Safari is larger...

Having said that though, ever since Little One came across Horn and Saw Tooth Sharks from Wild Republic, he hasn't let them go and it's usually, his bedside sleeping companions!

You'll have to pry them from his fingers... :P

The End.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Celebrating Birthdays, Puchong's Hidden (aka unkept) Park and Aquaria KLCC (again!)

Before you know it, yours truly had reached his 40th Birthday!
Wow... in any case, just a simple birthday cake suffices.
 With my Little One as usual the attention grabbing...

 Next to Puteri Mart, it's a small car park which is meant for this hidden park. It's somewhat disused and unkept. Pity as it could have been a wonderful place for people to unwind and relax...
 As usual, the children's playground grabs my attention more...
 While the playground was dirty, what I termed as unkept is the pathways, the 'mini' bridge that spans a small dam had broken planks...
 Not long after yours truly's birthday, came Little One's. And no, it's not 3 but 4 as we ran out of one candle! :P
 Regardsless, Little One couldn't be bothered and just as happy to blow the candles and eat his Shark!

Inspiration for his cake came from here
 Just under 2 years ago, we started Little One on his Marine / Sea Creature Montesorri Adventure. As you can see, his love for sea life hasn't diminised one bit! So here we are again. Visiting where it all started... Aquaria KLCC!
 And this time, he had more 'fun' as well... enjoying himself immensely with the baby shark pool!

 Here's one for the Birthday Boy!

 And even the Sting Ray came to say Hi!
The End.

Shark Filled Post!

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