Monday, July 25, 2011

Bon Voyage Melissa! And spending some time @ KLIA

Dear Melissa,
Big girl now heading off to Mangalore, India to study Medicine.
Moi missus's with her family, Mark and Mum.
Sa: You should know by now. Whenever there is a camera in my hand... you better be prepared for candids! :P
All ready to depart.
Hmmm... I wonder what these 3 are looking so interested at?
But where there's an Iphone, there's entertainment to be had.
Your last dinner in KL for now... @ Secret Recipe, KLIA. And the good thing about this outlet? Same prices as those in KL! Yay! Boo for McD and other chains that charge you extra for eating at the airport!
Even with food presented, the Iphone is still tops in terms of attention grabbing.
No Mark. You don't have to be so vain. I'm not taking your picture. You're just in my way! :D
But when you want to EAT this chocolate mannequin...
The above is the check in counters, labled from A to M (I think). Wide and airy, so that gives loads of space for people to walk around.
Melissa with her uncle who came all the way from Ipoh.
I'm sorry, but where are you going again? Singapore? KK? Oh... I see, it should be Bangalore... Point higher up laaaaaaa...
Beyond the Check In counters, past the eateries, you will come to this stretch of a lonely corridor. So where does it lead too?
This shows the floor below us where passengers heading for domestic terminal remains on or if you're heading for international, you would board a train to head on out to your departure terminal.
And this is what I mean. Sort off. The train lights, read goes underground and continue to head on out. Funnily enough, that I was concentrating so much on getting the red lights (back lights of the train), that there is a corresponding white light on the other side of the photo. What a coincidence to give this image some balance.
A view of the domestic boarding terminals.
This is no intention of mine. No tripod, so I had to place the camera on something and as the glass and ledge was sloping, the images I was taking wasn't coming out the way I wanted. So, my lens hood was used to flatten or give me a flat surface for the lens to lie on whereas the body of the SLR continued to lie on the ledge. Since the glass is sloping at around 45 degrees, you will get reflections and boy, am I happy over THAT reflection. It draws your attention downwards, towards the parked planes.
From all of us here in Malaysia, all the best with your studies and enjoy India!

The End.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 : Cosplay Party & Premiere

You knew these pictures were coming, right? :)
"I see you taking them..."
If you followed the earlier exclusives, you would know that something massive was coming. Indeed, my missus decided on Bellatrix Lestrange outfit. 45+ days later, with painful fingers, cuts and bruises...

Since when was evil chummy with good?
See what I mean???
Deranged enough for you?
Potter's trying not to choose sides.
But obviously my missus felt that she should go after those 3...
Potter's decided to ... A duel!
Let the duel begin!
"Hmmmmph! I'll easily dispose of this one..."
Hah! You're pathetic. You NEED 2 wands???
"Oh my beloveeeeed pet, what have those 3 done to you? Come here, let me smooooch you... Oh you cute little thing you. You love me, don't you?"
The big giant poster that was used as a backdrop...
Potter having a go at Voldemort.
"Oh my master!!!"
I see you #2
Is this a hidden message from my missus???
Guess my other half just can't let go... or wouldn't?
See what I mean???
Full body shoot #1
Full body shoot #2
*sigh* Dear, why can't you just stop dueling???
I'm getting tired of these 2 constantly fighting! Don't they have anything else better to do???
Have they finally kissed and made up?
Guess not. Darn. I've a bad feeling about this...
Potter posing with Potter.
Heading on to King's Cross Station are we?
Here we go again...
They just can't get enough of each other.
Enough of this madness already!!! :) I can't take it anymore!
Thanks to Brickboys Toys for allowing us to visit them and caress those Potter Lego's.
1 last hurrah?
Potter test driving this shopping cart?
Mad Eye not missing any eye but still mad in some ways.
Even the waiter thinks so!
The End.

p/s - I know some of you are wondering what happened to the Premiere photos @ Sunway Piramid. Well, as none were taken by me (I was in ... a ... costume, yes, I was doing cosplay. Try figuring out who I am!), as such, I can't post photos up.

However, here are links taken by others:

Hint: My character is related to Bellatrix! :)

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