Friday, May 23, 2014

Mummy and Daddy got me a doggie!!!

Well, sort off!
 It's an electro-mechanical dog! :) One that when you pull, sings and makes all kinds of other noises in its repertoire along with ABC buttons to teach and entertain him!
 And take him for walks.
Nice doggie. I just know we're going to be best friends! :)

We got it from ELC @ Curve. It's from the company called Leapfrog and it's called Alphapup
He certainly played non-stop with it for over an hour. In this day and age where toys don't really get to hold their attention long, this one does. So, well spent by Mummy dearest!

The End.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Of Lego Millennium Falcon and Kre-O's Star Trek Enterprise

Yours truly has always wanted one. And thanks to a new Lego online store in Malaysia called MightyUtan, it was! And after many countless nights of building (whilst I keep missus a-company as she did her office work), I built this...
Needless to say, I had made some colour modifications due to the immense amount of extra parts I had collected over the years from various Lego sets... :)

Small ... meet Big! That's how small the Microfigther is!
Oh wow... what's this? Well, yours truly needed to ship some stuff over from the States. Sadly, this is one brick set that wasn't ever to be sold in Malaysia. So, along with other stuff, I shipped this out from the States using an online service called ComsGateway... Along with the Kre-O came a Hot Wheels Enterprise!
Anyway, this is how Kre-O packages its product. Very different from Lego... especially...
Minifigs! They are individually packaged. I must say that I'm neutral on this. One one hand, it makes life so much easier compared to Lego's style. But having grown up with Lego's style...
It would be nice if Kre-O HAD actually labled Part 1, etc on their manual...

But here is the saucer section done up.
And part of the body.
Connecting the 2 parts.
This is what the Port Nacelles look like once completed.
And finally, all completed.
I still haven't made up my mind on whether I wanted to leave the Hot Wheels in its pack or display it!
Having done my first Kre-O brick set, here are some thoughts:
a) 99% of the set fitted perfectly. Until now, I still have problems with a certain part under the saucer section that just doesn't want to 'stay there' permanently. It doesn't really interfere, but its annoying. Keeps popping off!
b) One cool thing in the manual is the product orientation. They actually do a top down as you continually add the parts; so it provides added reference for you... in case you get confused.
c) The parts certainly fit onto Lego pieces. So...
d) Minigfigs have more degree of 'movement' compared to Lego's... but it also makes it a bit harder to stand!

Otherwise, I am happy that I have a piece of SciFi Pop Culture in my home!

Now... am interested in that Delorean time machine... :P

The End.

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