Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pancake House International

Missus was having pancake craving a while back...

As we didn't want to drive all the way to Curve to eat House Of Pancakes, we decided to give this retail outlet in nearby Paradigm Mall a try.
They have more of fusion food than solely Pancakes. So below is what I had - Maple Syrup Chicken
And missus decided to have a wrap - Taco Sandwich.
So how was the food?
It's actually quite good. The chicken was nicely marinated for me. I wish there was more Maple Syrup to go with the chicken though.
As for the missus, well, the cheese had her happy...

And that's a wrap.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year Decorations - Pavilion KL, 2013

Since we chose not to go back to Penang this year, we decided to perform a little mall visiting!

So here we are at Pavilion KL... 

Last year, Pavilion had a really long Dragon put up in the Atrium/Concourse.
This year, it's outside and the main attraction are those lanterns; strung up from high above. Sadly, as we were there during the day time, you don't get to enjoy the night lights.
And just below or next to the lanterns are the 12 zodiac animals with a simple description for your year.
My dad happy with his.
Looking up.
So that was outside. Inside... you have this.
And this where the Dragon had occupied last year.
More lanterns for you.
Are you skill full enough to make this?
Looking up again.
Flowers, Carps... Just no performances!
In the shape of a golden coin.
Looking from high above.
How many 'Pavilions' can you spot? :)
Looking right across.
The End.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sunway Piramid Chinese New Year 2013

For Asians, the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is upon us. This year, it falls on Feb 10th and in Malaysia, every shopping mall will try and outdo each other in order to get an 'audience'.

As it so happen that after a family event in Subang, we visited Sunway Pyramid.

They decided to pay homage to boats of yesteryears, so to speak; called a Tongkang, an old chinese sail boat.

It's quite amusing to see a pond/lake (if you will), where normally, it's actually dry land and to think when there are no promotions happening in the main court, you can just stroll across it!
Peeking through.
Wanna go up? You can...
As there were a lot of people, it's certainly difficult to take pictures without anybody blocking your view.

More so if you don't have a Wide Angle lens then! You see, I wasn't expecting to visit a shopping mall and for the family event, all I brought with me was my Sigma 30mm/2.8 and some more interesting lenses which I will mention later.

So below is the closest I got to getting the whole ship into one frame due to space restrictions.
Do you feel like in the seas? Sadly, no salt water though...
The sail almost reaching the top of the atrium.
Now, the Sigma 30mm/2.8 may be cheap but it's certainly a fantastic performer for the budget price one pays for!
The back and sadly, I have no idea what it means...!
As I was about to head back, my ears heard some drumming...
I was hoping for some Lion Dances as they are only available during this festive season. Alas, it's the start of a Chinese Orchestra!
Thankfully, I had brought my newly acquired Nex to Pentax adapter and along with it, the FA50/1.4 and FA100/3.5
But as a huge crowd was around them, what better way to test the adapter+FA100...

So let's snip, shall we?
Focus peaking was used for this purpose and for most purposes, it worked well.

The End.

Shark Filled Post!

Little One has been nothing short of bewitched over Sharks. And for 2017, his headmistress had a shark costume for his annual recital then....