Friday, July 19, 2013

On His Tummy...

It's now 4 months plus and soon in another week, he'll be 5 months old!

Wow, time has flown really fast and with it, comes a baby's development 'strength' if you can call this as he has now preferred to be on his tummy than lying on his back. And so...

"What's that?"
 Along with enjoying his tummy time, another favourite pastime of his is easily sucking his fingers or hands. Or wrist. Or anything else... But I guess it's a precursor to his teeth making his appearance soon.
" Hi There. How you doing???"
 See what I mean?
 The poor toy... will probably be covered with drool!
 "What's up, daddy?"
Now, my son is really cheeky in that he reminds of me Calvin in Calvin & Hobbes. Whenever Calvin is asked to be taken in a photo, Calvin would make faces and Andrew, isn't that far off!!!

I was attempting to take a photo of him holding on onto his legs, another developmental sign. Unfortunately, almost every time he see's the camera in my hands... Ah well.

The End.

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