Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mark and Clare's Wedding 2013

Yours truly plus mummy, baby dearest and hot Aunty Melissa who flew back from India for this occasion had to fly back to Sandakan for a wedding. And it gave me an opportunity to experience how my dear baby boy would handle the cabin pressure.

Well, either he knew he was going for a trip or otherwise, he decided to impart some of himself just as we were about to board the aircraft. I guess he decided to have a little 'one for the road'!
"Son, you're just too young for that!"

Anyway, he decided some 30mins prior to landing, to perform a welcoming gift to Sandakan and Missus and Aunty Melissa got to try changing his nappy in mid air in the lavatory of an aircraft.

Is this his usual bowel movement? Well, no. He was having a bout of sickness during this period. So... Just as well for us. :)

ANYway, enough of this crappy pre-amble and lets get on with the Wedding shall we??? :)

My MIL getting some make up done.
Great Aunty Helen also getting some make up done.
Hot Aunty Melissa or rather SIL. No wonder my baby is so happy...
Andrew with the... groom. Yup. Dear Mark is getting married!
Mummy finally getting her turn on the make up chair.
The theme was Gold. Does he look golden enough?
HE certainly thinks so!
At the Cathedral of St Mary's.
Wow... red carpet pun ade! Lucky them!
Pinning them corsages.
I love you Mummy!
Actually, this is the first time for me to see the Ciborium up close and personal. Basically, for Catholism, it contains the Host or Bread for the communion.
Uncle Patrick getting his corsage.
MIL getting a final check.
The inside of the cathedral.
And when there are flowers and this photographer...
The flower girl.
Whooaaaa there! Blimey. Scottish Kilt!
The decorations for the car. I wonder where it is now? :)
Ring bearer.
Eh? Bride sudah sampai? What happen to the Wedding March? Or Entrance???
But ring bearer still not ready?!
Apparently, both the bride+groom has to go for confession first. Well, it's something very different for us in KL. Bride comes. Stay in the car until the correct time. And then makes her entrance into the church.

Oh oh! Finally Mummy and baby made it out of the car. Well, as it were, dear baby decided he wanted his feed as we arrived. Maybe he knew it was best he slept while the wedding went on ...?
And in this contented state of his, anybody can hold him and he did stay a considerable amount of time with his Great Aunt!
Anxious, Mark?
Priest must be telling Mark to relax... :p
Here comes the bride... here comes the bride...

Ring bearer getting ready for his limelight.
Ring Ceremony.

As Mark's back was towards me, well, I couldn't take his vows. But as Clare was facing me...

We now welcome Mr and Mrs Mark Benedict.
Signing of the Marriage Cert.

And that's it.
Immediate family photo.
My dear son, you can't eat that corsage!
How can you NOT melt with that kind of face?
Mummy with her Godma.
And Welcome.
The procedure here in SDK is certainly very different than in KL. You take your photos 1st before you march out!
Exchanging of a bite...!

Moi, Mummy and baby.
Cousin Joe with Baby Andrew.
All the Ladies...
Baby always enjoying his time with Grandma...
Uncle Patrick with dear Baby...
Dinner was at Borneo Cove Hotel and it was a Garden Wedding Dinner. Yours truly and I think for a majority have never been to a Garden Wedding Dinner for one before and it was certainly very interesting not to mentioned very stressful as you're at the mercy of the whimsical weather Gods in MY!

Overall, an enjoyable event.
So... you've got the pool. Lots of grass and the not so distant sea breeze and some rain somewhere along the way...
Wooot! And a live band+violinist too!
How would you like signing on this canvas?

Hot Aunty Melissa with Uncle Patrick dancing away...

The End.

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