Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 : Cosplay Party & Premiere

You knew these pictures were coming, right? :)
"I see you taking them..."
If you followed the earlier exclusives, you would know that something massive was coming. Indeed, my missus decided on Bellatrix Lestrange outfit. 45+ days later, with painful fingers, cuts and bruises...

Since when was evil chummy with good?
See what I mean???
Deranged enough for you?
Potter's trying not to choose sides.
But obviously my missus felt that she should go after those 3...
Potter's decided to ... A duel!
Let the duel begin!
"Hmmmmph! I'll easily dispose of this one..."
Hah! You're pathetic. You NEED 2 wands???
"Oh my beloveeeeed pet, what have those 3 done to you? Come here, let me smooooch you... Oh you cute little thing you. You love me, don't you?"
The big giant poster that was used as a backdrop...
Potter having a go at Voldemort.
"Oh my master!!!"
I see you #2
Is this a hidden message from my missus???
Guess my other half just can't let go... or wouldn't?
See what I mean???
Full body shoot #1
Full body shoot #2
*sigh* Dear, why can't you just stop dueling???
I'm getting tired of these 2 constantly fighting! Don't they have anything else better to do???
Have they finally kissed and made up?
Guess not. Darn. I've a bad feeling about this...
Potter posing with Potter.
Heading on to King's Cross Station are we?
Here we go again...
They just can't get enough of each other.
Enough of this madness already!!! :) I can't take it anymore!
Thanks to Brickboys Toys for allowing us to visit them and caress those Potter Lego's.
1 last hurrah?
Potter test driving this shopping cart?
Mad Eye not missing any eye but still mad in some ways.
Even the waiter thinks so!
The End.

p/s - I know some of you are wondering what happened to the Premiere photos @ Sunway Piramid. Well, as none were taken by me (I was in ... a ... costume, yes, I was doing cosplay. Try figuring out who I am!), as such, I can't post photos up.

However, here are links taken by others:

Hint: My character is related to Bellatrix! :)

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