Thursday, August 10, 2017

Little One's trip on KL's MRT SBK line

Finally in Malaysia, our very first MRT line is fully completed! While in a previous post, mua had taken a ride, that was only half way completed. Now, the underground section is done, Little One had an outing.

The following pictures are in reverse order.

We visited the Merdeka stop. Unfortunately, in order to see the below, you have to 'tag' out as it's not part of the platform. However, it is in the station itself...

 Not too hard to figure out...
 We also got off at 'Pasar Seni' which integrates with Malaysia's first fully automated LRT system. (Back then it was called Putra LRT, now, KJ line).

Little One posing when he feels like it!
 One of his extremely rare forays into KL...
 Where are we getting off, Daddy?
 Woweeeeee... Look at that?!
 Initially, Little One was apprehensive and sat quietly. Once he got used to the train movements... he became the usual monkey that he is...
 Where are we going, Daddy?

 We parked @ the Eastin aka Section 17 MRT parking complex which has constructed this overhead bridge for people to cross the SPRINT expressway safely.
 And yes, the station is many levels above the expressway that lies below it.
 The handicap access to go up from level 5 parking floor to the station entrance.
 If you decide to park @ the Section 17 MRT car park, make your way to level 5 as it would be the same floor as the station entrance. Any other floor, will require you to use the lift/stairs.

Fantastically, all car parks come with the empty/occupied indicator which is brilliant and saves you time in figuring out where the elusive empty lot will be... :P
 However, as I made my way up/down, I think the ramps are a wee bit tight if you're having a large saloon/4x4. Damage has been made as vehicles had issues with the tight fit... so be careful!

The End.

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