Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jungle Gym @ Atria

As during the recent Raya / Eid holidays, and we needing Little One a way to burn off his super high energy, what better way to perform that action that to take him to an indoor playground.

That is huge. 

Sure it costs more than the J-Kids @ Tropicana. But rightfully so, there are more things and options to play with.

This here below is actually meant for toddlers. Hence, the smaller slides and much more accommodating rides.
 But go opposite and after some time, Little One decided to climb up and attempt his first long slide down. And it's a long way down with a long run off...

Parents are allows to sit with their children to slide down (if so required). However, I think Little One preferred it solo! :)
 What is amazing is that high above the slides and all, one can cross from one side of the hall to another side via these obstacle courses. So they literally can move around in one huge playground and come down the other end of the hall!
 Not sure what's with those balls, but Little One kept coming back here and enjoying himself ...
  And not only him but his schoolmate should join him here as well! :P
"Look at me Daddy. I'm reloading the air 'gun'". :)
 Like the massive slide, it took Little One some time to get over this round and covered slide.

 But once he did, he kept going and going and going... Slide goes from 3rd floor, down to ground, and so, he's got a few stairs to climb. But he kept going up and down... non stop!
Was it enjoyable for him. Yes.2 hours passed by quickly. Of course, it gets really crowded during lunchtime or when parties are being held.

A few things to note:

  • You need socks for both child and parent/guardian
  • Literally everywhere is padded / protected with foam / padding
  • There are child minders at the main slides and this is good to ensure and orderly descent for the kids. Also they teach the kids how to slide down properly and to be mindful or others and take their turns

You can find out more about Jungle Gym from here

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