Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sugar Melon and Sewing Gallery @ One City Mall

It's rare to find good food. Rarer still when you get lovely representation like below:
And it's not even THAT costly. Circa RM13-17...
How's the food then? Actually? Quite good! Surprisingly.

It's called Sugar Melon and it's @ OneCity Mall Subang Jaya.
Located in the same mall, but on the upper floors is this something that really interested my other half tremendously.
Oh my... Malaysia's longest 'Jeans' Sofa ... You got all that old jeans, that is too torn or unused? Well, some people came up with a novel way of putting it to some good. Sew it as a cover for the sofa.

And it's all located here: SewingWorld Gallery.

The End.

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