Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our CNY Meal along with Little One's enjoyment with Shopping Mall 'recreation'

This is version 2.0 for our Chicken Ham, Salad and Pineapple Wrap... 

But this time, we had a twist: Del Monte Pineapple Sauce! And boy, does this make this wrap of ours so much more ... YUMMY!
Family portrait photo outside of the newly opened Starling @ Damansara Uptown.
For dinner, missus decided to cook cashew nuts+dried chilli chicken. Yummy again!
Not so long ago, we visited Aeon Big @ Subang aka the former Carrefour mall. And they had these rides that you put coins / tokens in to captivate your little ones.
Fortunately for us, Little One doesn't need the fancy smanzy music or movements. He was happy to do play with it just like that himself!

His favourite? The Fire Engine... :)
The End.

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