Thursday, October 6, 2016

Exploring Perth Some More

This sunny evening was the first day for us in Perth to experience as all other days, rain was present or being plain windy and thereby causing havoc with our plans. 

And so it was that we took this opportunity to wander around and visit what/where we could.
 Elizabeth Quay was one...
 Along with the Bell Tower. As it's just a walk down the road (so to speak), this was only about 10mins or less from Murray / Hay Street for us.
 Padlocks anyone?
 It would have been nice to stay at night and watch this light up. But... maybe some other time.

 Nice ... blue ... river. And clear waters...
 Finishing Elizabeth Quay, we headed back up, but took a slightly different route. One that would take us through Stirling Gardens.

Flowers were blooming with the coming of spring.
 Makes you feel small?

 "Mummy, can I go inside the pouch where it's nice and comfy?"
 "What are you drinking mate?"
 "I wanna hop like you..."
 And across the gardens? St George's Cathedral...
 And just down a bit, St Andrew's Church.
 No idea what this house is... but it's just opposite St Andrew's...
 "What's that, what's that?"
 "Look here boy..."
And finally, what is this?
 Wow... it's the city library. If KL had something like this, we would be in there every weekend too!!!
 The End.

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