Thursday, August 4, 2016

Little One's love of marine creatures and other things

See here, this is called a Beluga Whale. (Thank God for Toobs!)
Little One loves watching Jonathan Bird on Youtube. And there's an episode specially for Groupers. While not the same as the Goliath as featured there, this is still impressive for him...
 On weekends, when Mummy isn't working or too busy, she'll bake. And he'll help. Like so...

 What's baked? Cupcakes usually.
 On this occasion, Missus decided to try Chocolate Chip Muffins.
 Yummy, yes? Yes.
 Did I mention that he'll sleep with his marine toys?

 And if you make a Play Doh version, he'll go ballistic!
 All from missus creativity. I really suck at this... :P

 Care to guess what are they replica off? :)
 Yes, he's even breathing his fish or rather, Whale Shark.
The End.

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