Friday, August 19, 2016


Right. Where are we off to?

We took a lot of the public transport, in particularly, it's trains and busses leaving from Perth Underground.
The stations are very simple and breezy; breezy being easy to access to. Not complicated in design in any way. Bus comes in to drop passengers off on one side, makes a turn and picks up from the other side! In short, it goes one circle around the station.
This ramp goes down to the track level.
What's interesting is that this station was built over the tracks which resides right in the middle of the highway...

Anyway, here we are taking the bus from Warwick Station to Hillary's Boat Centre where AQWA is.
Only my Little One would spot the Starfish and Fish design... :P
After one day of spending time in Perth with it's cloudy/rainy weather, we were so happy to see the sun!
Yes, we are about 5000KM from Malaysia!
Someone's getting restless to visit the Aquarium...
However, yours truly wanted to enjoy this pleasant marina and all of it's boats. It's also got a very nice secluded beach for kids. Free to worry of sharks and other nasties, as it's a cove. But as we were in a hurry...

And it was almost lunch time, so we decided to have our lunch at... Dome.
Yup, the food is certainly very different from that which we can find here. Needless to say, we really enjoyed it all. But best of all, there is entertainment in terms of colouring entertainment for Little One.

Take your colouring paper and pencils (all FREE) and get them occupied. And this is something that we noticed is available for him. Almost every restaurant that we visited had something to interest him... or keep him occupied.
Leaving Dome and other cafe's and restaurants at the boardwalk leading to AQWA, we come across more boats...

Yeap... rain coming.
Little One can't contain his excitement ...!
'I wanna go innnnnnn"!

Can you spot the Leafy Sea Dragons?
Care to guess how rounds he did on that Travellator?
No doubt, super excited over this Nurse Shark that just seemed to cruise lazily to say Hello ...

"Hi There!"
Even these girls are enjoying themselves!

Now, what can this be??? Trust my maybe-one-day-Marine Biologist to spot this Wobbegong hiding... or camouflage?

We certainly choose the perfect day and time as it was spartan of visitors...
Can you spot...
And more...
Eagle Ray taking a rest. Or looking for food?

Once you're done with the main exhibits, there are a few more interesting stuff outside. One of them, is this view.

And these mosaic arrangement. Again, Little One had a fun time spotting his creatures.

You have this 'experience' pool; whereby you're invited to touch and feel some sea creatures inside there. It's a great experience for the little ones as they get to know better what they are made off...
Shot of the Day
Bye AQWA. Thanks for the memories...
Did it etch in his memory of all that he has seen? We would think so too...

The End.

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