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Bed Bugs... A Malaysian Ongoing Experience...

What can I say that hasn't been already mentioned by countless blogs, websites, etc. 
And such a taboo here in this country called Malaysia.
Small blood sucking insects that just know how to check in, but extremely difficult to check out. They'll make any problem that you face seem petty and inconsequential compared to knowing their existence in your home.
In addition to washing, cleaning, engaging pest services...
Changing furniture...

Engaging new methods...
Planet Sticky as it's known...

Using Glue...
And endless hours of caulking...

Using Sofa Encasement
Some ingenius thinking using 'As Is' and kitchen materials from Ikea...
 Life will never be the same...
So here's the rundown of what has been done / bought and what works for us. Bear in mind that we have tried other things as well, and some didn't quite work as planned.

So here goes:
We were told that we needed to regularly clean the floors. Mopping is good. Problem is, mopping is tedious and time is limited for 2 working adults, I figured, why not bust these insects with 100degree's Celcius of hot water vapour? Does it work? No idea. But we sure feel good using it... Done almost everyday when I first got it.... and used with Ace Hardware Terry Towels as a mopping cloth. If you require a liquid detergent, I use Method's Squirt and Mop solution
Karcher SC3 Steam Cleaner
Method's Squirt and Mop
Now @ 6 months, it's done on a 2-3 day interval.

Sofa Encasement
We bought this as we love our Sofa and couldn't bear to part with it. Before that, we had sprayed alcohol, cleaned it up with Leather Cleaner/Polisher
Sofa Encasements
But honestly speaking even after all that we've done, we're still a bit petrified of siting on it! :D

Mattress Encasement
We had initially bought KingKoil's version. But unfortunately, as mentioned in Amazon's customer's feedback, it tend to deteriorate (the special membrane-ny coating) and rip easily. While putting it on was effortless enough, we think that the holes at the bottom feels big enough for these buggers to escape. So, we bite the bullet and bought the best... from Amazon.
In the end, the KingKoil was wrapped by the Sleep Defense Bed Bug system
KingKoil Protect A Bed - Bed Bug Lock
Sleep Defense - Mattress Encasement
That's right, an encasement wrapped over another encasement! Nuts right, but how do we dare to take the old one off???!

DE Powder
Diatomaceous Earth is not something new but yet super effective, simple and non toxic at all. So we bought a tub from a local vendor, poured them into a ketchup bottle and puff the powder to the back and under cupboards as well as under the beds.
These were also placed into jelly cups that we put under the feet of the bed and also for our cupboards. Basically, if they get into these cups, they'll get coated with the DE and slowly just die from dehydration... but as it absorbs moisture from the surroundings, then one has to reapply every week or so...
From Wiki
In Malaysia, you can get it from here
The Jelly cups idea is that while it's a little coarse on the outside, it's smooth on the inside. So, they get in, it's hard for them to get out and up the legs. But heck, let's hope they get coated along the way.

Harris / Ortho Bed Bud Spray / Bio-D
In addition to getting help from your local pest exterminator, one can also use these sprays for locations that isn't covered by them which we found it at the local Ace Hardware store.
Harris Bed Bug Spray
Ortho Bed Bug Spray
If you prefer something less toxic and more friendly, you can consider this one:
We used to spray this on our bed prior to getting our mattress encasement. Boy, it does work and gave us some piece of mind! 

Caulking and sealing
Like any insects, you know they love to hide. And they sure can hide. This means that one would have to seal up those holes and crevices. And as our home was bought 2nd hand, over time, the floor grout has been exposed. Same with the plaster ceiling having cracks. And countless places.
Therefore, spend some time repairing your home. And bring some shine back to the floors and other places as well! :P

While one of the better things of living with abundant sunlight IS abundant and hot sunlight, come the monsoon months, all you'll be getting is cloudy and stormy days. As such, after spending 3 months in Geneva and missing the dryer there, we ended up getting our own. Funny how this piece of equipment would end up being one of our most coveted equipment in our fight against this pest.
Now, we can't live without it!

Storage bins
Once our clothes have been laundered, obviously it can't go back into the cupboards (as we believe they were infected too). But we loved our Ikea Pax's and Besta combinations. So temporarily, massive plastic containers were purchased to store the clothes and other items.

Cling Wrap
There are I'm sure, many items that you wouldn't want to throw away but would like to use them again one fine day. But if you're afraid that they might get infected or is, and with a shelf life of 18 months, what do you do? Starve them of oxygen and/or just restrict them by using industrial cling wrap!
Wrap tightly enough and many times over, heck, even Houdini wouldn't be able to escape!
These cling wraps are easily found in Ace Hardware or even in Lelong.Com.My

Mounting with Planet Sticky or Jelly Cups
You need to be clean. And if those buggers ever wanted to climb up, you want to make life miserable for them. Therefore, if you can raise your furniture up, do it. (And this is why we loved our Besta as we could place legs on them). And thereafter either protect it with a layer of wrapped cellophane tape (some height off the floor on the leg exposing the stickiness) or use small cups/containers filled with DE to protect and make hell for them...
For small cups, what we found most useful were food containers from Daiso and Jelly Cups that we bought in the supermarkets that contained coco-de-nata jelly in it. Scale your cups to size accordingly though as you wouldn't want them to be able to escape through an unintentional 'bridge'!

Planet Steel
They love things warm and wood. Who doesn't? Unfortunately, steel is cold and isn't the most pleasing to the end, not to mention downright plain and boring. And devoid of any imagination. But hey, you're at war, and you need to win at all costs... 
Beauty  has no place...

Finally, think outside of the box. And use whatever means necessary. We may be on top of the food chain, but we are nothing when compared to them.

They'll humble and humiliate you. 
Laugh at you. 
Mock at you even. 
Drive you crazy and even close to tears.

I know missus had a really hard time removing things; things that we have bought from near and far.
Close to our hearts, but we had to get rid of them if we ever wanted to win this.

Don't use a vacuum cleaner unless you want to turn it into a 'bed bugs condominium' as someone on the internet mentioned. Sure you suck them in. Then what? How are you going to get rid of them from the cleaner? They'll be all over the Hepa Filter. Pre Filter. Nozzle. Bag. Cyclone if you're bagless. Sad but true, no?
Hence, my decision to use/get a Karcher Steam Cleaner. It's hot. The tubing's hot. The plastic pipes are hot. Everything's super hot. Not the best and ideal place to attempt to make a home! 
And you'll get steamed up if you decided to stay inside the tubing or anywhere else later... :P

And now, it's close to 6 months (since Feb 2016) since we first encountered them. To be honest, we're still afraid and terrified of a recurrence. Everyday we look at our Dryer Lint filter.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So far... so good...

And yes, considerable amount of $$$ have been spent. Just don't ask me how much. You don't want to know.


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