Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bed Bugs #2 - Still Ongoing

As mentioned previously, this was a 2nd hand or sub sale unit. While it has been left vacant to the point almost never occupied for many of its years, the finishing left a lot to be desired.

Its fine for most part of the house... except for half of the living room floor tiles where the grout was coming off. And that's particularly a no-no if you've got this pesky unwanted invader who would find those holes a nice warm place to hide from the chemicals that would eventually rain down on them.
 So what does this mean then? Re-grouting and subsequently re-sealing those gaps.
In Malaysia, we used the famous and easily found PYE products. Makes the floor looks like brand new, eh?
 This was Little One's old cot. Which turn out to be infested as well. And it got discarded.

Poor missus took 1 MONTH of no pay leave just to deal with this menace of epic proportions. You'll know in a short while...
 Laundering, Cleaning, Spraying and many other things as well. (Thanks Luv)
 This came from our room's chest of drawers after using Murphy's Oil.
Not a very good sign. In the end, it was discarded.
 And our Ikea bedside table was wrapped up...
 And eventually... discarded.

In the end, a lot of the furniture was discarded. :(
My house don't quite look the same anymore.

Even now, 6 months on, we have no curtains. No blankets.
For 5 months, we slept without pillows, just a barren bed.
We hesitated for the longest time over having a pillow for fear of introduction or otherwise.
Even then, now, when we do have a pillow, it's encased with IT'S own pillow encasement!

And the world still kept on turning, the sun kept on shining... and our lives had to keep on going.

You may be wondering how it came to this: Well, the one device that had assisted me to keep my house clean was the unfortunate helper giving out free rides from our bedroom.
My Robotic Vacuum cleaner would hand out 'get out of jail' free cards and they would hitch a ride out into my living hall, dining and Little One's room. The only 2 locations they didn't quite make it was the store room and kitchen as baby safety gates prevented the cleaner from going further.

On many levels, you learn to give up items that you don't need and now, when we shop, the first question we ask ourselves is, "Do we need it?".
If we do, "Where do we keep it?"

Poor Little One had had it hard.
Not understanding why most of his toys have been kept away.
Sealed up.
Not allowed to sit and play on the floor like how he used too.
Forced to use slippers.
But he adapted over time...

It has been extremely hard and difficult for us. Thankfully, Google has been very helpful (if you get the right websites and forums).

Will we survive?

We'll have to... we have no choice.

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