Thursday, December 24, 2015

Scooping, Slotting, Straws & Sorting

Using Pom Poms, Little One was supposed to scoop them and place them into the various compartments.
Seems easy, no?
Next stop: Slotting in cards. Really easy for him as I now make him do it for those car park vending machines. :)

Another activity that Missus had devise for Little One was basically, matching Alphabets to the Animals.
It was pretty much a hit and miss on many levels. If it was Marine Life, he'll score A+. Others...
Playing with Straws was another simple and extremely low cost activity. Seriously, just keep the straws that you get... and since they can come in various sizes in length AND diameter, they make great toys too.

And so, it entertained him for quite a while.
Finally, these are sorters from Hape. Which he mastered very quickly as it was one of his first sorting toys, but er thought we'd let him play with it after some time of ... forgetting it. :)

The End.

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