Thursday, December 17, 2015

Play-Doh, Nuts and Bolts

So who doesn't like Play-Doh? :)
Little One certainly played with it for an hour or so, along with a vitamin container to make the prints.
Needless to say, he, as usual, found other uses or ways to play first until finally...
"I'm poking, I'm poking..."
Hmmmmm... what can I poke with this?
As you can see as well, a few pieces of Pasta to enhance his play experience... along with a cotton bud.
Actually, the cotton bud was used to push the Play-Doh that had lodge itself into the Pasta. He decided he would have more fun with it doing something else.

Now THAT's what he's supposed to do with the Pasta and Play-Doh... :)
As you can see, there were only 2 colours and so, that means, only 2 tubs for him as more would have driven him hyper!
Next up, was the Duktig Tools set from Ikea. It contains much more than this, but we decided to just let him deal with Nuts and Bolts first.
Teach him how to screw. But he already has learned that eons ago...
But as long as it entertains him... so what?

The End.

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