Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Match 2, Sorting Poms Poms, Stringing Spaghetti

With his love for Marine Creatures, we decided to use it to capitalise to our advantage. In this case, Matching; matching 2 pictures of the same thing. For him though, it's learning and playing at the same time... And also mentioning the creature too.

Next up: Putting / Storing pom pom's into the container; in this case, using Missus's jewelry case as a storage box.

He was supposed to match the colour which was marked at the bottom to the appropriate Pom Pom. But... he was just to excited and ignored that instruction... :D

However, credit where due, he did placed all of them ... just not in the right compartments! :P
Next up, he was supposed to string his pasta.
He had more fun trying to:
a) Chew it coz he thought he could eat them; and
b) Rolling them around... ah well.

And finally, this is Version 1.0 of my Little One's Coral Reef...
Yes, he's absolutely trilled to sit in there.

The End.

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