Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dentistry and Fish Eating

Hallo There!
Hmmmmm... I wanna be a Tooth Biker...
So what's the lesson all about? Missus made this hand puppet in our attempts to teach him about Oral Hygiene. On some levels it works. On other levels, it failed...
Those small items was to teach him about plague and cavities. He understood that you can remove/put them back. He just found them more fun 'playing' than the actual lesson itself.

Ah well. In addition to this, we also got YoutTube videos that would teach him about Oral care. Stuff from Sesame Street, etc. Again, he didn't mind watching, but when it came to translating to cleaning HIS teeth, well, that didn't go down too well.
Taking a break from his Dentistry Lesson, ever since we found this 'fish shaped biscuits', that's been his perpetual favourite. So, we figured, if he's going to eat them, we should make him learn, work and play for it!

Missus found this image of one's teeth and pretended that they needed cleaning. Again, while he enjoyed messing around with the cotton balls, it only went so far with him.
So we then switch to teach him about his various teeth.
And turn it into a 2 piece matching game at the same time...
Sadly, it's a play thing with him... and it didn't quite connect with him, personally.

The End.

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