Friday, September 25, 2015

Of Kinetic Sand and Boxes...

Oooooh. What's this?
If you can't go to a beach, then let the beach come to you!
It's called Kinetic Sand. A little bit wet and sticky like wet beach sand, but non of the messiness like real beach sand either!
And so, we filled a container box with it, and let him enjoy himself. The cookie cutters came from Daiso.
As you can see, he loved it!

The best thing about this Kinetic Sand is also the fact that it's been chemically treated which makes it a little sticky to itself. So, if and when you have it spilled out, just bring the 'sand' together into a clump...
Other assorted toys / accessories came from Jelly Moulds and Children's Baking Spoons, etc.

Did he enjoy it? Yes, immensely. So where did we get it from? From this company called Kids.MY

Some time after that, we introduced boxes to Little One. The concept was for him to arrange/sort according to sizes or ... free play to stack how he felt.
Mummy dearest had accumulated all those boxes from her office for him to stack. But I guess he's idea of stacking is a wee bit different.
Like so...

Ah well, that's my boy for you!
The End.

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