Thursday, September 17, 2015

Learning his Fruits and Veggies, More Thong's Exercise and Eating Kiwi

In continuing his home supplementary teaching, we decided it was time for him to learn his fruits and veggies. So, home made flash cards and Ikea's 'fruits' and veggies (Duktig)
 He almost got all of them right the first time on...

 Eventually, to help him know the remainder of his fruits and veggies, they are labeled for him.
And we extended to get him to sort according to the colours as well.
 As he was hungry, we decided he should be made to 'work' for it as a form of finger exercise - thongs, of which he happily consented too! :)
So what did he have to pick up?
 Small biscuit balls from Aeon Cookies section!
 Along with beautiful sunny and clear weather, he should be allowed some garden time.
 So an unused pot of soil was his for the poking and pummeling...
 Until we could getting something much more hygienic for him... coming soon!
 And finally, Little One's first taste of Kiwi to get him to make the 'connection' with the actual Kiwi - sorta sensory play if you will.
Did he enjoy it? Sort off
 Does he like it? Only for this time around!
The End.

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