Monday, August 24, 2015

Of Aquaria KLCC's impression on Little One

Some time back, during the long weekend, we decided to pay a visit to Malaysia's premier Aquarium. Now, it's a place Missus and I have visited but we decided Little One could do with some exposure to real life as we could get. Zoo? When he's a wee bit older. Oh, he also had developed a fascination for fishies... 

And so, he certainly enjoys his bath time.

 Back in Geneva, Missus bought this bath time foam toy. How apt that many moons later, he would really enjoy it and get super excited over it.
 No problems fitting the pieces in along with playing quietly.

It's also at this point in time that we started implementing Montessori teaching methods. Hence, the theme of the day - Marine Life. And also the use of a boundary method aka A Tray.
 And here are the earlier shots of Little One at the Aquaria.

Needless to say, Little One was super excited and went Ballistic... :)

 And the highlight of the day? That ferocious animal that passed by above. It left a huge impression on him... even to this day, almost 1 month after.
 "Hi there... let me show you my special ability..."
 "I can climb vertically!"
 "So can I!"
 Yes, my son. Jellyfish!
 Guess Mummy dearest must be telling Little One on how she had the unfortunate accident of meeting these creatures a long time ago...

As one can see, Little One was totally engrossed and obviously, didn't want to leave when it was time. Maybe next year, we'll pay another visit! :p

And here is his set of marine creature:
 His bath time is never the same anymore...
 The End.

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